B2B Sales

A B2B sales model emphasizes the transaction between two business firms. Unlike the B2C sales model, B2B has a longer sales cycle. The number of decision-makers involved is more. It takes more efforts for a salesperson to establish rapport with the corporate clients. Thus, the skills required for a B2B sales is more complex than B2C.

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This assessment tool gives an idea of whether a candidate is suitable for the role of a B2B sales profile or not. The necessary competencies that are required for a salesperson to have, are listed in the assessment tool based on which the evaluation is done. The tool also aims at providing the candidates with few suggestions that might be helpful for them.

Assessment Details

Number of Questions 45
Assessment Duration 30
Assessment Language English

Assessment Description

The Assessment evaluates an individual on the basis of 5 core competencies. The 5 core competencies are:
Self-Management- A B2B sales professionals have to meet the corporate clients to sell the products and services. It is important for them to have a positive approach and a gregarious personality when meeting the customers. He/She must have the ability to manage themselves. They must be self-assured that they would achieve the sales target. Meeting clients from another business firm might be stressful as their expectations would be higher. In this case, a salesperson must keep calm and not stress out.
Sales Process Management - A candidate must be able to follow a systematic process while dealing with sales. This competency aims at assessing whether the candidate has necessary problem-solving skills, has the yearning to seek information and apply it in the sales process. He must have the ability to identify the right client who has a need for the product or service that the company is dealing with.
Communication Skills - A B2B sales professional has to meet different people at the clients’ organizations where they have to clarify their queries, present and demonstrate the product or service and at times even face objections from them. This competency aims to assess whether or not a candidate has good communication skills to handle objections from clients, to be able to demonstrate the product, to convey the right information about the features of the products to the clients.  
Sales Knowledge - A sales professional must have the knowledge about the product or service they are dealing with. They must be aware of the process of sales, how to greet the customers, how to establish rapport with the customers. They must have the ability to do an extensive research on the requirements of the clients. This competency aims at evaluating a candidate on the basis of the above necessary skills.
Soft Skills - Apart from the other skills and attributes, a candidate must also have certain soft skills like maintaining a relationship with the clients, having the ability to make decisions during intricate situations and also to display leadership skills.
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Relevant Areas for this assessment

Relevant Industries

  • Automobile / Auto Anciliary / Auto Components
  • Banking / Financial Services / Broking
  • Construction / Engineering / Cement / Metals
  • Education / Teaching / Training / Publishing
  • Industrial Products / Heavy Machinery
  • IT-Software / Software Services
  • Media / Entertainment / Internet
  • Medical / Healthcare / Hospitals
  • Strategy / Management Consulting Firms

Relevant for Profiles

  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Asst. Manager -Sales
  • Corporate Sales