Management Trainee

A management trainee is a newly recruited employee who is trained to take managerial positions in the organization in the future. Management trainees are made to work under the supervisors so they get to know how the organization functions and especially, what the roles and responsibilities of the managers are.

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This assessment tool gives an idea to the employers whether a candidate is suitable for the role of a Management Trainee or not. The necessary competencies that are required for a candidate to have an organization are listed in the assessment tool based on which the evaluation organization. The tool also aims at providing the candidates with few suggestions that might be helpful for them.

Assessment Details

Number of Questions 45
Assessment Duration 30
Assessment Language English

Assessment Description

The tool consists of 5 core competencies on the basis of which the candidates would be evaluated:
  • Leadership Skills- This competency aims to assess whether or not a candidate has necessary leadership skills to manage their employees, manage oneself and their peers. People do have higher expectations of managerial level employees. A candidate must have the ability to lead the people in the right direction rather than just being a follower.
  • Managerial Skills- Management trainees are the future managers of the organization. They must have the necessary skills to manage and lead the employees. The competency talks about skills like managing self, managing others and time management, based on which a candidate will be assessed.
  • Teamwork- A candidate must have skills like collaboration, cooperation and the spirit of team building because as management trainees, they will be trained to gel well with employees, and when they are promoted to the managerial positions in future, they should be able to work with teams.
  • Technology Inclination- Organisations these days are dependent on technology for various functions. A candidate must have the knowledge about technology, must have the inclination to learn about new developments in technology. An employee is considered outdated if he/ she is not well versed in using technologies for carrying out the tasks.
  • Knowledge- A candidate is assessed based on the numerical, verbal and logical ability, to understand his command over the language, his ability to deal with numbers and the capability to logically and critically analyze and interpret a complex situation.
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Relevant Areas for this assessment

Relevant Industries

  • Advertising / PR / MR / Event Management
  • Automobile / Auto Anciliary / Auto Components
  • Banking / Financial Services / Broking
  • Consumer Electronics / Appliances / Durables
  • FMCG / Foods / Beverage
  • Internet / Ecommerce
  • Media / Entertainment / Internet

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  • Management Trainee