B2C Sales

A B2C sales model emphasizes the transaction between a seller and the customer. It is a direct selling that a business firm indulges into, to satisfy the needs and wants of the customers.

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This assessment tool gives an idea of whether a candidate is suitable for the role of a B2C sales profile or not. The necessary competencies that are required for a salesperson to have, are listed in the assessment tool based on which the evaluation is done. The tool also aims at providing the candidates with few suggestions that might be helpful for them.

Assessment Details

Number of Questions 45
Assessment Duration 30
Assessment Language English

Assessment Description

The tool consists of 5 core competencies on the basis of which the candidates would be evaluated. The 5 core competencies are:
  • Self-Management- A B2C Sales Professional have to meet the customers directly to sell the products and services. It is important for him to have a positive approach and a gregarious personality when meeting the customers. He must have the ability to manage himself. He must be self-assured that he would achieve the sales target.
  • Sales Process Management- A candidate must be able to follow a systematic process while dealing with sales. This competency aims at assessing whether the candidate has necessary problem-solving skills, has the yearning to seek information and apply it in the sales process.
  • Customer Relationship - Building relationships with the customers is one of the most vital aspects of sales. Once a strong relationship is built between the buyer and the seller, the customers become loyal to a particular brand and indulge in repeated buying of products from the same brand. This section tries to evaluate how a candidate‚Äôs personality is, whether he can build networks to get potential customers, whether he has an inclination towards fulfilling the needs of the customers.
  • Sales Knowledge - A sales representative must have the knowledge about the product or service he is dealing with. He must be aware of the process of sales, how to greet the customers, how to establish rapport with the customers. This competency aims at evaluating a candidate on the basis of the above necessary skills.
  • Business Acumen - As a salesperson, an employee must have the idea about what latest changes are taking place in the business environment, what new market trends are developing and how the taste & preferences of the customers are changing. This competency tries to assess if a candidate has knowledge about the changes in the business environment and whether he has the agility to learn about the latest developments.
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Relevant Areas for this assessment

Relevant Industries

  • Automobile / Auto Anciliary / Auto Components
  • Banking / Financial Services / Broking
  • Consumer Electronics / Appliances / Durables
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate

Relevant for Profiles

  • Retail sales Executive
  • Retail sales Manager
  • Car Salesperson
  • Insurance Agent
  • Personal Banker