Telesales is a form of sales that is done over phone calls. The salesperson gets in touch with the customers through cold calling. It is a much easier form of sales as it takes lesser time to go through the entire sales process.
This assessment tool gives an idea to the employers whether a candidate is suitable for the role of a Telesales executive or not. The necessary competencies that are required for a candidate to have, are listed in the assessment tool based on which the evaluation is done. The tool also aims at providing the candidates with few suggestions that might be helpful for them.

Use this assessment for

This Assessment is helpful for testing the knowledge, skills and attitude requirement of candidates for Tele calling/customer support job roles.

Assessment Details

Number of Questions 45
Assessment Duration 30
Assessment Language English

Assessment Description

The tool consists of 5 core competencies on the basis of which the candidates would be evaluated. The 5 core competencies are:
  • Personal Attributes - A telesales executive should be confident about oneself. They should not fumble while talking to the clients over the phone. A candidate must also have the willingness to indulge in the continuous learning process rather than restricting to just one task. This section assesses a candidate’s ability to learn and grasp new things, to be self-assured and be able to hold oneself accountable for one’s behavior and actions.
  • Work Orientation - This competency aims at assessing how well planned and well organized a candidate is. A candidate must follow a systematic method of working so that things do not go haywire.
  • Interpersonal Skills - A candidate must have the interest in understanding the needs of the customers and try to fulfill them. For this, a person must have the necessary interpersonal skills to build a rapport with the customers, to establish trust.
  • Sales Knowledge - This competency aims at assessing whether or not a candidate has apt sales knowledge, knowledge about the product, the ability to analyze the situation critically and also to be able to resolve the issues of the customers.
  • Communication Skills - Communication is the most important element of telesales as the sales process takes place over the phone. To influence and negotiate with a customer face to face is easier than doing it over the phone. Customers would not want to trust the salesperson. Thus, this competency aims at assessing if the candidate has suitable skills to negotiate with the customers.
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Relevant Areas for this assessment

Relevant Industries

  • Banking / Financial Services / Broking
  • BPO / Call Centre / ITES
  • Insurance
  • IT-Software / Software Services
  • Real Estate
  • Telcom / ISP

Relevant for Profiles

  • Telesales Representative
  • Executive- Telemarketing
  • Telesales Executive