Personality Assessment

Personality Tests are important to know if a candidate applying for a job would fit into the culture of the organization or not. Personality tests show what personality traits a candidate has and how those traits can be used as “strengths” to achieve success at workplace.
This assessment tool gives an in-depth idea to the employers of the basic characteristics of a candidate which can be used to assess whether the candidate is the suitable person for the job or not. This assessment tool also helps the candidates to understand which area they can improve on.

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Before hiring a candidate for a job, it is important to review his personality traits to understand if that person would be able to adapt to the culture of the organisation. This assessment tool gives an insight into a candidate’s personality traits. It makes it easier for the employers to evaluate the personality of a candidate, make appropriate decisions and select the suitable candidates who are the right fit for the job.

Assessment Details

Number of Questions 45
Assessment Duration 30
Assessment Language English

Assessment Description

The tool consists of 5 core competencies on the basis of which the candidates would be evaluated. The 5 core competencies are:
a. Trustworthiness- This competency aims to assess how loyal and honest a candidate is. Trustworthiness is significant because an employee must be completely trusted by the employer for any task to be assigned.
b. Drive- A person should have a personality that reflects how motivated and enthusiastic he is towards work. One must have the agility to learn something and the drive should come from within.
c. Teamwork- Most job profiles require working with teams rather than in isolation. This competency tries to assess whether an individual has the capability to collaborate with different people to achieve the desired goal.
d. Adaptability- Working in organizations is not a cakewalk. Employees are often encountered in situations that are intricate and challenging. This section evaluates how flexible a person is to face such complex situations and also to adapt to changes in the working as well as business environments.
e. Emotion Regulation- This competency aims at assessing how capable a person is to manage his emotions in the workplace. Though organizations do not want employees to work like robots, yet outburst of emotions might hamper work. Employees must try to manage their negative thoughts and keep their anger and stress levels under control.
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Relevant Areas for this assessment

Relevant Industries

  • Banking / Financial Services / Broking
  • Education / Teaching / Training / Publishing
  • Media / Entertainment / Internet
  • Medical / Healthcare / Hospitals
  • Retail / Wholesale
  • Telcom / ISP
  • Hotels / Restaurants / Airlines / Travel

Relevant for Profiles

  • Customer Relation
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Training and Development