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You can’t ignore the fact that unemployment is on the rise and people are looking for resources to get interviews calls to get a job. Research states that today resume receives no more than 6.25 seconds of a hiring manager's attention. Also, professional resumes are more accessible to navigate, ranking them 60% higher than resumes created by Job applicants themselves.

Writing a resume is about a lot more than just merely listing qualifications and previous experience. It is about selling oneself, what you have done, and what you can do. Our Online Resume Builder tool allows you to create professional Resumes online with minimal effort and time making you a Professional Resume Writer.

A Computer, Internet Access and Knowledge of English is what you need to start

Work anywhere

Work from Anywhere

You can do your job whenever and from wherever you want to allow you to work in a less stressful environment and eliminate long commute. The Location Independent Opportunity will enable you to reach clients Globally.

No prior experience

No Prior experience Required

Getting to start any new work can be tough and may require prior experience. Luckily, this opportunity requires no previous experience. It allows a chance to advance once you have been at it for some time.

Attractive earnings

Attractive Earnings

You are your Boss and can decide on the price you want to charge based on the time required and the details to be captured, while your cost remains unchanged, allowing you to get adequately rewarded for your efforts.

Zero investment

Almost Zero Investment

You need INR 300/- to start working on this opportunity and can buy packs based on your requirement. You will be able to recover your investment just by making a couple of Resumes.

Start quickly

Get started quickly

You can start this Business in less than 60 seconds. Just Register and buy the pre-paid pack based on your requirements and you are ready to start. The entire process is very user-friendly, you can also seek for support anytime.

Marketing support

Marketing Support

Marketing may prove to be a difficult task that demands much time, and it may be very costly at times. We will share more natural ways to market your services in the most inexpensive ways.

Most Suitable for

Women At Home

Women often have to make the grim choice between their work and familial responsibilities. For many Women, sitting at home all day is not the idea of a perfect life. This opportunity helps them create a distinct identity for themselves by putting their education to use and build their career on their own without having to compromise on their family or dignity.

Retired Persons

Retired professionals often wish they could still be productive after their retirement. This Opportunity is a golden opportunity for retired professionals. They get to work from the comfort of their home, without having to travel to work every single day. This opportunity allows them to use their experience while working at their own pace.

Educated Youth

While traditional Jobs remains the first choice for many, there is a large section of millennials, who are unemployed or do not enjoy the monotony of full-time jobs and need freedom and flexibility. This opportunity can be a starting point to evolve and make Freelancing a career option.

Cyber Cafes

A professional resume writing service is a relevant and useful Business Line extension if you are running a Cyber Cafe. It doesn’t require any inventory management and is a natural extension which will help you drive traffic and multiply Business Value. This will help you differentiate from others in your area.

How does it work?

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