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Job Responsibilities:

  • Review medical records 
  • Understand the client requirements and specifications of the project and code accordingly
  • Assign codes 
  • Convert document into numeric format/enter into logs

Key Skills:
Human anatomy, Medical Coding, Medical Coding Executive, Senior Medical Coder, Medical Coder, Trainee Medical Coder

Additional Information:

Job Description:
Medical Coding involves working on medical reports of different specialties like consultation, radiology, surgery that are outsourced from global hospitals. The medical information is converted to code numbers by analyzing the data for reimbursement from insurance. Coding involves the work of skilled manpower with strong anatomical and computational knowledge.

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 0 - 0 years
Medical / Healthcare / Hospitals
Offered CTC
200000 - 225000
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Employment Type
Full Time
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Core2Code is a leading Healthcare organization, providing enhanced non-clinical data services to Providers, Hospitals and Medical corporate sectors across the world.

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