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Key Skills:
Linux , Python , react, django

Additional Information:

Position: Full stack development - React, Django, python/flask. Will be involved in tools and dashboard development work. Good linux - centOS, Ubuntu. Cross compilation. Repo tool from google/android being used. Nutanix has a fork.

Experience: 5 – 10 yrs.

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 5 - 10 years
IT-Software / Software Services
Offered CTC
1000000 - 3000000
No of Openings: 3
Employment Type
Full Time
Seniority Level
Middle Management
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Learning Candid India was born out the necessity to help companies tune their workforce to perform at their fullest potential along with a need to redefine set standards in the field of skill development.
In an era of rapid progress and globalization, India has become the cornerstone for technology in the past few years. With companies from all over the world having a strong footing here, domestic ventures are also thriving. In recent times, productivity has been good- however, the question of how to achieve optimum potential still needs to be explored.

The biggest asset of any organization is its employees. They are the fuel that powers the mechanism of the industry. The ones, who toil away, come up with new ideas and are likely to lead Companies someday. They need to be equipped with the right skills to make them truly valuable to the company as well as aid their growth and progress.

Learning Candid India provides companies with apt and advanced solutions to enable- empower and enrich their people with a plethora of training programs that cover a huge array of specialties in the technical communication and behavioral aspects of working in a company.

We also believe in starting early by providing training programs that are specific to freshers/college students, which will help guide them into the future. Starting early helps youngsters understand what lies ahead in their future and how they can work towards success.

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