Frequently Asked Questions for JD Creator

TalentFore JD creator helps you create professional, consistent and comprehensible JDs for attracting potential candidates effectively. It clearly states your requirements for the job and enables you to reach out to candidates with suitable qualifications and interests. It also helps the candidate understand the Job role better before applying ensuring your number of irrelevant applications reduce. Our JD creator reduces your work with a smart layout and configured keywords that are SEO optimized.

TalentFore JD creator service is free! All you need to do is register as an employer and log in with a valid email id, and you’re good to go!

All the services about JD creation are available to a registered user free of cost. Registration at TalenFore is again free of charge and hassle free!

Your privacy is our prime responsibility. With our commitment to protect your data, we do not store the JD's. The data in the JD is saved and published as a Job posting, which you are free to edit or delete at any point in time.