Frequently Asked Questions for Free Job Posting

This service is free for all registered users. Registration at TalentFore is open and takes only a few minutes. You can start posting multiple jobs as soon as you register and verify your email address.

After you have posted a job on our portal, you can track the number of views or applications for the same. This data accessible on your Dashboard and is visible after you log in.

You can edit and update your post multiple times after you have published it. Updating and getting the changes published on the Job post takes only a few seconds, as soon as you have introduced the changes and updated the same is immediately displayed.
You can also delete your post if you no longer wish for it to Published. Both editing and deleting are smooth and have clear steps to follow.

Once you have created and posted a job at TalentFore, you can make not only changes to its content but also the status of your job (“open”/ “on hold”/ “position closed”/etc.). So if your requirements have been filled, you can update it to “position closed,” or change it to any other options as and when required.