Frequently Asked Questions for Company Reviews

To ensure the most genuine, honest and worthy information is available to job seekers while balancing truth to employers, TalentFore follows a series of checks and guidelines.

  • We don't edit or modify content submitted on our site
  • We moderate content using both technology and human review
  • We practice technology filters and algorithms to recognize duplicity and gaming
  • We remove content if we have confirmation that members were incentivized to write the review.
  • We do not authorize employers to delete or modify reviews
  • We grant TalentFore members and employers to flag reviews or content for further review.

  • Go to Company Reviews Page.
  • To write a company review on TalentFore, you must have a valid TalentFore account.
  • Sign in to your TalentFore account or create a new account.
  • Search for the Company and select from the options. If your company is not listed, add the details.
  • Select your Designation and employment status.
  • Select a star rating and add comments.
  • Check Anonymus if you would like to post as Anonymus.
Submit, and your review will be visible to all.