Tell me about a time that you failed to achieve goals you set. What went wrong and how could the outcome have been different?

Kuntala asked over 2 years ago Edited

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Deeptha answered over 2 years ago

Failure is a path to success. Employers wants to know about your failure so that they can know how you cope up failure and what you feel about failure. Give a brief anecdote on a mistake you made. Make sure the story is interesting and has a good build up. Mention what you think led to the failure and how your admittance has led you to prevent such mistakes from then on. Try and show that you do not bend easily to failure.

Nowadays, companies encourage employees to make mistakes. It’s because mistakes and failure will lead you best results. So be open to discuss on your failure.

Sanjeevan answered over 2 years ago

This is one of the critical question first pick up a real failure, define your failure in own words, tell your story, share what you learned out of it

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