Is Generation Y (currently aged 20-35, or born between 1980 to 1994 / 2000) – A Lazy Generation?

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Anonymus answered over 1 year ago

I believe they are not lazy generation but they have a different style of working. They have very innovative mind and love to work with dedication as well as also want to have a casual atmosphere in office. That is why you must have seen many youngsters love to work in a startup where the atmosphere is casual but at the same time, it is challenging also. They are interested to explore new things as well as enjoy life.

Punita answered over 1 year ago

The common perception is Generation Y has Poor Work Ethic. But my observation is - Generation Y believes in work life balance and have a different set of priorities. They have a strong work-ethic but the way they demonstrate is different. They are more concerned about work satisfaction and accordingly they structure their working habits. From the day one they make it clear that there is more to life than work. They see work / job as means to enjoy life and life comes first.

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