Is LinkedIn profile necessary to get a good job?

Anonymus asked 6 months ago Edited

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Punita answered 19 days ago

Online presence is mandatory for all to seize the best opportunity. this link will explain you better.

Specially Students and Job Applicants should have LinkedIn Profile. Check these 5 reasons, why it is so important to be on linkedin 

Happy Job Search!

Himani answered 20 days ago

Yes, I feel linkedin profile is necessary for getting a good job.  Many big companies and MNCs are available on linkedin so one can directly get in touch with them for an opportunity. Moreover, it looks professional to have a Linkedin profile.  It is also helpful for getting referrals of big employers as well. Even Recruitment Consultants these days post their requirement on Linkedin which might be helpful for you to get a dream job. Therefore, It is better to have a Linkedin profile. 

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