What is the job description of senior graphic designer?

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<p><br>Job description for a senior graphic designer: -<br></p><ul><li>Overseeing all design projects, from conception to delivery<br></li><li>Understand the requirement and come up with visually appealing designs for social media, website, packaging and &amp; other deliverables<br></li><li>Schedule project implementation and define deadline<br></li><li>Work with a wide range of media and use graphic design software<br></li><li>Think creatively and develop new design concepts, graphics and layouts<br></li><li>Prepare rough drafts and present your ideas.<br></li><li>Work as a part of the overall marketing vision of the company<br></li><li>Research ongoing trends and best practices in UI/UX and use them to inform design standards and educate the marketing team. Provide basic- to intermediate-level video editing support as needed<br></li><li>Leverage creative digital technology solutions to develop unique approaches to achieving firm marketing objectives.<br></li><li>Support the creation of written content as needed to bolster the efficiency of the creative team.<br></li><li>Regularly collaborate with business lines, marketing teammates, and other key stakeholders on a variety of projects.</li></ul><p></p>

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