How has your schooling (internships) prepared you for this position?

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Deeptha answered over 2 years ago

In interview avoid telling the interviewer that your internship has completely prepared you for the position because in real it didn’t prepare you completely. Relate the work you did in the internship with the job and answer to the question for example, “My internships have prepared me for this position in that they gave me basic real-world experience in the accounting field. The most important lesson my internships taught me is that the accounting skills I learned from college textbooks is not enough. The real world presents you with problems and situations not found in a textbook. My internships allowed me to significantly improve my skills in the areas of preparing monthly statements, handling accounts receivable and payable, and completing tax returns for small businesses and so I feel I'm a good candidate for this position as these tasks are a major part of this job.”

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