What is your GPA? Do you feel it reflects your true abilities?

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Sanjeevan answered over 2 years ago

Usually, your GPA isn’t given much importance. If your GPA is good, your resume would be shiny. If it is not, do not sweat about it. Your GPA may have gone down due to a subject that isn’t at all related to your field. For example, "My overall GPA is not that good, 2.8; however, if you consider only my engineering coursework, my GPA is 3.8. It was the required coursework I had to take in English and political science that brought my GPA down. And no, it isn't an accurate reflection of my abilities. I had to work part-time to support myself while attending university. I had a limited amount of study time and I thought it best to spend it on engineering subjects rather than political science and English."

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