What experiences have influenced your management style?

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Explain past experiences that may have influenced your management style. Be sure to remain positive throughout, your optimism reflects your leadership skills.For example, "When I was an entry level manager at ABC, there was an extremely aggressive and rude executive who had thoroughly intimidated his employees, and they in turn couldn't stand him. As a result, employee turnover was around 80 percent. The company spent a fortune hiring and firing new sales and marketing professionals, who were unmotivated to do a good job and lasted maybe a year before they became fed up with the tyrannical boss and resigned. As a result, our branch office was the lowest performing division in the country and I don't think the people at corporate headquarters ever understood why. This experience taught me that one must be approachable and listen to subordinates in order to be an effective manager. When I left ABC, and became Manager of XYZ Industries, I made sure that the sales and marketing staff were well trained and motivated, and felt free to come to me with their problems and suggestions. As a result, my division was ranked in the top 10 percent each year that I was Manager and employee turnover was extremely low

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