There's no right or wrong answer, but if you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

Maanas asked over 2 years ago Edited

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Akshay answered over 2 years ago

This question is to know more about yourself as an individual employer wants to be certain that they are truly hiring the best person for the position, make your response relevant to your career, discuss how you want to be working with company doing great work, talk about how you want to be right here in this interview and avoid getting side tracked, don’t simply say right here without giving explanation, avoid saying you need extravagant vacation, avoid taking long pauses. For example, “I want to be right here where I’m at, getting this job would do wonders for my career. My career is what’s most important to me and I’ll do anything to move it forward, I honestly can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be”

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