What do you like to watch on television?

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Sanjeevan answered over 2 years ago

This is a question to ease out the heat of the interview your answer should not be too silly or too arrogant. Don’t say that you never watch television that they’ll know you are lying or they might think you are weird or boring. The best answer will be you do watch televisions, but you watch respectable and popular programs. Never say that you spent most of your free time by sitting in front of television. For example, “I don’t watch that much television. I try to catch the news every day, I like to watch political programs in the Sunday morning and football in the evening."60 Minutes" is probably my favorite program. My family and I usually find a movie to watch on Saturday and Sunday nights. Sometimes we rent a few movies on weekends, but I don't really have any favorite programs I watch consistently every week."


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