What is the importance of job description for a company?

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Raghul answered over 2 years ago

<p></p><ul><li>Job descriptions help the managers to provide feedback about performance to the employees and to carry out effective performance appraisal.</li><li>Job description is important because it helps employees to identify their key result areas. They won’t be able to deliver the expected output if they are not clear about their roles and responsibilities.</li><li>Job description is the key element during interview as questions are asked to the candidates based on JD.</li><li>A well framed job description will help the employer to get the right candidate for the job role thus avoiding loss of time and resources of the company.</li><li>Job description should give the job seeker a clear insight about the job role and qualities and skills that are required.</li><li>A well framed job description will avoid in causing any confusion.</li><li>An elaborate job description will help in setting the expectation and targets for the employee.</li></ul><p></p>

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