How would you describe the pace at which you work?

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Deeptha answered over 2 years ago

Emphasize quality and steadiness for this question. Mention you work at a steady pace and manage to complete the tasks well within the deadline, achieving quality results. Discuss your ability manage projects and get them done on time. If your work at job have target. Discuss about how you achieved or exceeded those goals. For example, I consider myself a diligent worker who avoids procrastination. At my previous sales job, we had to make at least 30 calls every shift, on top of our other administrative responsibilities. While some people saved all their calls for the end of their shift, which sometimes led to people missing their quota, I divided my time between making calls and doing my other duties. I am not easily distracted but can balance working steadily on multiple tasks. This allows me to complete all of my work on time and produce quality results. I won "best salesperson award" three times at my previous company.

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