What is the Job description of credit analyst?

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<p>● &nbsp; In-depth analysis of business model, industry, financial performance (balance sheet, income statement, cash flows, liquidity, financial ratios)</p><p>● &nbsp; Management quality and expected future performance (cash flow models/forecasts) as well as market data and peer analysis to take a comprehensive view on credit risk being underwritten in various FIC books including CPM.</p><p>● &nbsp; Combining credit analysis with market view (yields, credit spreads) to determine the appetite &amp; hold period for underlying credit</p><p>● &nbsp; Regular &amp; ongoing portfolio monitoring (tracking of company/sector news, earnings, credit &amp; market events) to determine any change in trading strategy in terms of reducing/exiting the credit position, de-risking strategies or building incremental position</p><p>● &nbsp; Assist/participate in counterparty due-diligence calls and visits.</p><p>● &nbsp; Linking with Banks &amp; Financial Institutions. Developing Banking relationships.</p><p>● &nbsp; Preparation of Project information memorandum includes assessment and credit requirement, Preparation of in principal formats.</p><p>● &nbsp; Preparing CMA, Analyzing the Financial statements, Business Model, Working Capital Cycles, and assessing the credit worthiness of the Corporate / SME Clients.</p><p>● &nbsp; Finalizing on final board notes. Answering the queries from PSU banks on the proposal</p><p>● &nbsp; Follow up on the disbursement from banks</p><p>● &nbsp; Responsible for mandate procurement. Must have knowledge of Term loan, Trade Finance Products, Factoring.</p><p>● &nbsp; Providing Financial Advice to clients and Debt Syndication overseas.</p><p>● &nbsp; Prepare in-depth credit risk analysis reports on assigned FI clients (covering macros, sector, business, financial and credit issues)</p><p>● &nbsp; Come up with a rating recommendation on the clients and the facilities</p><p>● &nbsp; Understand various techniques and methods of credit analysis, accounting treatments, financial adjustments etc.</p><p>● &nbsp; Build strong knowledge on allocated geographies and track sector developments and their credit implications on an ongoing basis</p><p>● &nbsp; Add value to the analysis with strong sector expertise and share industry insights with Credit Bankers</p><p>● &nbsp; Build strong relationships and maintain open communication channels with Credit Bankers</p><p>● &nbsp; Track the client and update bankers on key developments w.r.t their clients or industry and potential impact on credit rating</p><p>● &nbsp; Understand requirements and create reports based on ad hoc requests &amp; streamline processes.</p><p>● &nbsp; Develop and support Best-in-class analytic solutions/algorithms for Account Management Strategy in the Credits Functions as required.</p><p>● &nbsp; Leverage internal and external customer and account information - use numerical, computational and operations research techniques to solve for optimal proactive customer treatment strategies (Credit Line Increase and Decrease Strategy).</p><p>● &nbsp; Support tracking and reporting of strategy champion/challenger tests including preliminary analysis of the performance of the different strategies.</p><p>● &nbsp; Perform other duties and/or special projects as assigned.</p><p> </p><div><br></div>

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