What are the job descriptions for senior production support engineer?

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Senior production support engineer: -

●   Acquire and allocate resources to support operations and utility optimization.

●   Approve technical specifications for materials and equipment required for each project.

●   Assist in monitoring individual machinery, equipment and system status on board ships and/or rigs prior to launch.

●   Assist in verifying conditions of underwater marine components prior to launch.

●   Carry out internal audits on production activities to maintain efficiency and quality assurance standards.

●   Collaborate with team members to deliver high performance.

●   Determine commissioning requirements according to specifications, design drawings and regulatory requirements.

●   Determine suitable manufacturing processes and materials for prototype creation.

●   Develop component modeling plans to meet prototype production requirements.

●   Develop process parameters and tooling requirements for machining, forming, joining and other manufacturing processes.

●   Document commissioning procedures and findings.

●   Forecast time, materials and other resource requirements for projects and production workflow.

●   Formulate workflows for prototype production.

●   Plan assembly workflows.

●   Plan equipment installation approaches and schedules in tandem with assembly Workflows.

●   Recommend improvements to business processes and operations to support change management initiatives.

●   Review commissioning test results.

●   Support emergency response procedures for launch failures.

●   Track employee performance by utilizing performance monitoring systems.

●   Verify feasibility of design specifications for equipment installation locations and set-ups.

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