Tell me about a time when it was necessary to admit to others that you made a mistake. How did you handle that?

Kuntala asked over 2 years ago Edited

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Akshay answered over 2 years ago

Admitting mistakes shows you have integrity. Moreover, it shows accountability, which is an important trait people look for in leaders. Think of the stories that your ability to admit when you are wrong and to move forward. You need to be comfortable with failure to be successful in sales role. If you say anything negative it will give the interviewer view as you are stubborn and hard to work with fixed mindset. Avoid giving negative answers.

Anushka answered over 2 years ago

Everyone makes mistakes. But make sure that other should not be punished for your mistake. So be honest and accept your mistake. Your answer to this question will show your accountability for your actions. 

Start speaking about the situation when you made a mistake and explain it but don’t spend more time on it. Mention what you have learned out of your mistake and it has helped you in your improvement. Explain the steps that you have taken to avoid such mistakes in future. Avoid mentioning about the mistakes that would highlight your negative side. Make sure what you mention something that is less relevant to the job.

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