Healt care


Courier / Transportation / Freight / Warehousing
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Area Required

200 Sq.ft - 300 Sq.ft

Investment Range

50000 - 200000

Existing Outlets



Business Details:  

Health Care Adda is the brand new face of telemarketing firm pioneering in Health and medical concerned herbal products with a couple years’ experience and countable employees to begin with. Led in the year 2016, with a small layout as an initiative and 35 individuals to handle it has seen appreciable grown towards success. Health Care adda has exceled to impress many customers with products made from natural ingredients like ­­_______,________,______ and _______. Health care adda is happy to serve people in need and is now expanding in various districts of India.


Our Objective is to present you a one of a kind Growth Opportunity in Online promoting. Where you can purchase BRANDED natural, profound and way of life items on markdown and acquire cash by offering them for a decent reasonable edge. In the event that you have the drive and the assurance to roll out an improvement, we are persuaded; you won't locate a superior open door accessible to you at this moment than "Health Care".


Our Innovative Business System is the finest in the business which has been acclaimed and approved by Experts from around the world. "Health Care " will help you to get Financial Freedom and acquaint you with a finest Business framework which have existed just in your fantasies till now, and give you an Opportunity to win thousands rupees week, after week, after week. It doesn't make a difference your identity, what you do or what your experience is. Anyone in this World can prevail with the Take Shop's unrivaled Tele Shopping program!

Tele Network Shopping Business

Tele Network Shopping giving a Superb Unique Business Opportunity. Where each one can begin his/her own particular Health Care Adda Company through Tele Network shopping finest Franchisee/Dealarship/Distributorship framework at a low Investment. Where you can begin your own particular Shopping and online Business with your own setup from your place. This framework is Proven, Unique and Finest. A large number of individuals have changed their existence with this demonstrated framework. With this extraordinary business framework you can gain up potential salary. It is demonstrated and chance free business where you have loads of chances.

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