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Oil and Gas / Energy / Power / Infrastructure
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Area Required

200 Sq.ft - 300 Sq.ft

Investment Range

1000000 - 1500000

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Business Details:  


FORSCH is lubricant brand Trademarked under the Umbrella of PETROLIA GLOBAL PVT.LTD.


FORSCH takes great pride in being a provider of a wide range of products that protect both lives and vehicles and are scalable to meet any ingress protection that motor industries need. We consistently strive to develop and introduce new product offerings and services that meet and exceed the ongoing needs of our markets and customers.

Our certified product lines have been qualified through-out the world, for airports, metro/subway systems and for extreme environments such as military and commercial ships, oil and gas refineries, and power generation stations.


FORSCH is headquartered in India where it operates from a state of the art facility from different states of India. We are a customer-focused Company that thinks globally and acts locally and internationally. To ensure our reachability near you, we have established branch nationally and internationally with distributors and dealers who are specially experienced in the use and servicing of our products. We are growing steadily and aggressively to get customer satisfaction.

Thank you for taking the time to know more about FORSCH. I would like to extend an open invitation for you to stop by our offices at any time to meet with us. We would be very pleased to offer our service and introduce you to our team.

Looking for franchise across India. There is 22% to 65% margin across products. 
We have products like automobile lubricant, industrial lubricants, grease etc.

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