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We started developing oxygen products initially for export in 1985 with ING.L & A PROCESS TECHNOLOGY acquired by our group initially for all kinds of medical and non medical oxygen NITROGEN ARGON AND ACETYLENE manufacturing plants and gases.Our first plant was set up in 1991 in the name and style of CRYOFUSION PRODUCTS (UNIVERSAL GROUP) . Drboschi himself came to india and gave a press conference with HT AND TIMES OF INDIA and promoted by the UNIVERSAL BOSCHI GROUP with ASSOCIATION AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER FROM ING.L&A. Boschi Italy from 1985 in field of oxygen for over 30 Years.

We have legally acquired the brand name ING L & BOSCHI ITALY to use for all oxygen, NITROGEN ARGON AND AIR SEPARATION products made from ING L & A BOSCHI PROCESS TECHNOLOGY from the chairman DR L& A BOSCHI ITALY

Our technical director and promoter as vast experience in the field of medical and non medicaloxygen ,nitrogen argon and acetylene gases extracted from air separation and all categories of oxygen and in 1985 with ING. L A BOSCHI ITALY,

About Oxy99

Oxy99 offers oxygen cans that contain 99% pure oxygen, which helps in raising or restoring oxygen level in the body. OXY99 is a premium product manufactured under approved drug licenses and SOP as per the latest Indian pharmacopeia guidelines (I.P. 2014).

Our OXY99 portable oxygen can is ideal for 66 million COPD patients as it is easy to carry and use. The oxygen can is light-weight weighing just 120 grams. Our portable oxygen is packaged in a can containing 99% pure medical grade oxygen with 150 inhalations.

OXY99 Team

How OXY99 works?

  • Oxygen is our primary source of energy and is responsible for 90% of the brain and body functions
  • OXY99 instantly increases the oxygen levels in the body and helps restore the brain and body functions to normal.
  • By inhaling just 3 to 5 short bursts , OXY99 helps to recover from conditions resulting in low oxygen levels in the body.

Benefits of Oxygen

  • Provides immediate relief as a first aid during emergencies.
  • Helps recover from breathlessness caused by pollution, smoking, stale air, poorly ventilated rooms, high altitude, etc.
  • Instantly helps regain energy, freshness and mental focus after long working hours, sleepless nights and hangovers.
  • Useful if suffering from lung disorders or respiratory diseases including asthma, COPD, etc.
  • Improves breathing and recovery during fitness during fitness workouts, increases athletic sports performance and increases protein absorption in the body.

What Does Oxygen Shortage Do to the Body?

  • Oxygen shortage has been linked with heart conditions, cancer, respiratory and lung diseases , sinus problems, inflamed, swollen and aching joints and even sexual dysfunction.
  • As we grow older, our cells lose the ability to carry oxygen causing oxygen shortage in the brain and body.

Applications of all Purpose OXY 99 PURE OXYGEN Cans:

  • Life Saver: Natural oxygen is essential and used as a vital element.
  • Respiratory Aids: In various applications such as C.O.P.D, Asthma, Hypoxia, Hypoxemia, Influenza, Emphysema, Breathlessness and many more.
  • Emergencies: Patient waiting for Ambulance equipped with Oxygen facility.
  • High Altitude: Reduced air pressure and lower oxygen levels at high altitudes above 2000 Meters cause acute mountain sickness.
  • Sports: During Sports oxygen levels reduce which leads to fatigue, increases stamina, endurance, reduces stress levels, improves memory, alertness and concentration levels.

Instructions for use:

  • Press trigger short burst of oxygen into nose or mouth while inhaling deeply.
  • Exhale normally and do not hold your breath.
  • Also compatible with oxygen mask.
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