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US Pizza & Fried Chicken

FMCG / Foods / Beverage
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Area Required

300 Sq.ft - 1500 Sq.ft

Investment Range

1400000 - 3600000

Existing Outlets



Business Details:  


Thank you for contacting U.S.Pizza for a franchise.
U.S.Pizza has been in business for 19 years and has built over a 100+ thriving franchise store stall over the country.
To become a U.S.Pizza franchisee is to join a family of entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about serving the quick service restaurant market in their towns or cities.

The next step is as follows:

  • Go through the information in the Franchise Brochure and other documents linked at the bottom and compile a list of questions to which we will reposed within three working days; or call us for clarifications on this number: +91 93433 36644.

All the best for your en-devour in acquiring the U.S.Pizza franchise. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Franchisee Brochure



cidimage004png01D1457388DA0480cidimage005png01D1457388DA0480                                                                                 Call Center : 1860-425-4444





Pan India
U.S.Pizza: The Brand
Since it’s inception U.S.Pizza was about serving genuine
American Deep Pan Pizza made with fresh ingredients,
as well as, infusing Indian flavours to create dramatically
new style of fusion pizza. Since then the brand has
evolved into incorporating our world-class product into
fun and enjoyable dine-in experience. All this while
focusing on cost efficiency, making U.S.Pizza the most
affordable authentic pizza in the market.

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