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100 Sq.ft - 200 Sq.ft

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20000 - 100000

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We do unique assessment of


for 8th Std. Students to Graduate.

We have a robust network of 200 expert counsellors in more than 130 locations pan India.We have unique assessment program understanding the need of student at every stage. We help students understand, evaluate and realize which career is best suited for them based on their aptitude, multiple intelligence, interests, priorities, study habits, learning style, adjustment levels, ambition & thought process.

While choosing the right career for students, our proprietary career recommendation engine, also considers external influencers like opportunities, eligibility, personal situations, budgets and demographics. Coupled with these valuable insights our experts are ready to guide your children for a future which is the best fit for them.

Pan India
 I thank you for your time and interest in our proposal.

As discussed I am mailing you the details about the business model along with sample reports and test link. 
 Please find a sample test link of our online career assessment test:

Test Link :

  Once enrolled, we would be creating such a unique link for you, to track your customers and to ensure that you receive intimation of test started, completed etc.
 In order to give you a complete download on the benefits per product, they are as under:

8th -9th standard
 a. Information about the natural potential
 b. Study habits that cover Learning habits, Examination techniques, Memorisation skills.
 c. The gaps and the remedies.Relationship levels with parents, co students and Teachers.
 d. The concentration levels.
 e. The gaps and the remedies
For 10th standard
 a.  The right stream to join depending upon the child's potential, interest, study  habits and mark scoring pattern in the last three academic years.
 b.    Study habits that cover Learning habits, Examination techniques,  Memorisation skills. The gaps and the  remedies.
 c.    Information about the natural potential.
 d.    Information about the actual career interest area of the student.
 For 11th - 12th standard
 a.  The right course and career , depending upon the child's potential, interest, personality, study habits and mark scoring pattern in the last three academic years.
 b.  Study habits that cover Learning habits, Examination techniques, Memorisation skills.
 c.  The gaps and the remedies.
 d.  Information about the natural potential.
 e.   Information about the actual career interest area of the student.
 f.    Information about the natural personality of the student from career perspective.
 For Graduates
 a.    Best suitable career and job profile
 b.    Exclusive career path designed & personalised for you by the career expert
 c.    Your most suitable job oriented course after graduation–Degree, Short Term or Study abroad or Civil service
 d.    Entrance exams you should appear
 e.    What soft skills and personality change is required in you to succeed in your career or rise in your career
 f.    Job interview preparation analysis
 For  working professional’s
 a.      How to plan a midlife career change
 b.      Personalized career path planned for you by career and Industry experts
 c.      Your personality factors and work values. How is it affecting your career and social side
 d.      Strengths, weaknesses and potential pitfalls
 e.      Personality type and its effects on your career
 f.       Managing time, professional and personal relations
 g.      Suggested careers and job profiles
 h.      Suggestions for development
 Sample report link :
For 8th/9th std.
 Product MRP -
 For 8th/.9th std. - Rs.3000/-
For 10th std. - .Rs.3000/.-
For 11th/12th std. .- Rs.3000/-

For Graduate - Rs.5000/-
For Working professional's - Rs.7000/-
Commercial's :
Business Association Fees :  20,000/- for test and report

Special price of Rs.500/- for our associates. The fee of Rs.20,000/- therefore, fetches you 40 reports.
No Security deposit
Service & Support :
- Online test administrator
- Personalized career guidance report
- Co-branding on report card
- Soft copy/Hard copy of marketing colleatral's
- Online career counselling training support
- Self career counselling guide book
- Career counselling certificate
- Association Letter
Documents Required :
 To formalize the relation, we would need the following from your side:
 a. Passport size photograph
 b. PAN card copy or driving license copy
 c. Address where the counselling would be carried out
 d. Your profile experience details in 50 to 70 words
# Careerfutura's Counselling Training video link :
# Demo video on how to start a Test :
Hope the above gives you a good download on our product, price, and policies of association.
Please do get back to me for any clarifications/confirmations.

Best Regards,
Vaibhav Shah
Co-founder & Alliance Head

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