Chicago Pizza

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Area Required

100 Sq.ft - 1000 Sq.ft

Investment Range

1000000 - 2000000

Existing Outlets



Business Details:  


Largest and the Fastest growing Pizza takeaway brand having 100+ outlets looking for Pan India expansion awarded Best Pizza Award by Hindustan Times.

Pizza is about the Pleasures of Life, Storytelling, Traditions, Secret Recipes, Family, Culture...

Pizza is probably the most perfect food there is but to make it perfect is where the art lies. At Chicago Pizza, we believe that the best slice is the one that captures all your senses and takes you through a gastronomical journey like no other. 

Chicago Pizza is committed to creating the best pizza possible by using the freshest of all ingredients without any compromise, everyday. 

So just give us a call or stop by at one of our pizzerias to get a taste of the ultimate comfort food.

pan india

We believe our unique single slice pizzas are the best in the business, and that our franchise opportunities are equally fresh and exciting. Towards this end we invite young, enthusiastic and innovative entrepreneurs to join us in our exciting venture.

We strive to provide the best quality pizzas customized to individual requirements, made from the freshest of ingredients in formats of:

  • Takeaway (100 to 200 sq ft) investment 18 lacs inc of franchise fee
  • Sitdown (500 to 1000 sq ft) investment of 23 lacs inc of franchise fee
  • Bar lounge serving beer n wine (500 to 1000 sq ft) investment of 28 lacs inc of franchise fee

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