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Textile / Garment / Accessories
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Area Required

500 Sq.ft - 1000 Sq.ft

Investment Range

1500000 - 2000000

Existing Outlets



Business Details:  



Roman Island is into the world of style and fashion of Men Clothing, Footwear and Accessories.

Roman Island was founded in 2011, as an offshoot from the mammoth of KRD Group of Industries. It started as an MBO with 200 stores has increased exponentially PAN India and across the world with offices at Dubai and Tanzania.

Current Scenario

Our 60,000 sq ft in-house factory that can produce 5,000 apparels and 600 pairs of footwear a day. Roman Island also possesses a 20,000 sq ft state-of-the-art warehouse fully equipped with S5 Japanese technology for 100% accuracy and tracking.


It visions to give customers an opportunity to deliver their own style statement through clothes and accessories.


The company is on a mission to open 1000 stores India and contribute towards the growth of country by providing employment and business opportunities in the Industry by the year 2025.


Albeit, when people are seeking to set up a franchise in the arenas of electronic, F&B, FMCG and retail industries, one can glance at these franchise advantages.

Sans any Working Capital : Just a one-time investment of ₹ 15 Lakhs with a suitable area, ranging from 500 sq ft to 1000 sq ft for the store set up.

Speedy ROI : From the very first day, investor can start earning. Comparatively, it consumes almost half a year to reach the break-even point, while other businesses may even take upto 3 years.

 Success Story : The yesteryears have portrayed a 100% success rate, assuring high profit level.

Attractive Product Margins : The first retail brand to shoot upto 50% margin, while the narratives of other retail brand staggers and stagnates to the age old 32%.

Signature Brand : Roman Island is awarded the debutant retailer of the year 2016.

Near Future : Roman Island now waits to see Indians perceive this as an international quality brand, while the aggressive hunt for 1000 stores in India by the year 2022 is not a challenging feat with your support. 

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