Why recruit a job hopper?

There is so much of analysis and decision making that goes on behind that one recruitment process. You need to look into hundreds of resumes, test them, again shortlist them. The process does not stop there. It would help if you interviewed every shortlisted candidate. In the series of such tedious tasks, why would anyone of you want to hire a job hopper? You, as recruiters wish to engage with the best resources for your company. You always reject any resume that hints that he is a job hopper. This does not seem right.

Job hoppers can add to your organisation’s profits. Candidates who don’t tend to stay in a company for long have talents of their own. These are the applicants who are different from the crowd and need your attention. Here are a few qualities of job hoppers that will tell you why you should hire one.

  • Risk takers: You don’t tend to address the positives in a job hopper. You have many advantages in recruiting one. Them being risk takers is one of them. It takes a lot of courage and strength to be able to change companies so many times. They are the candidates who will take risks. Not everyone is bold enough to make those kinds of decisions. However, being a job hopper will say that he does not fear dangers and will take them to come what may. These are the kind of candidates that you need to make your business grow. There needs to be a person who will go out there and take risks. The result can be positive or negative, but, the quality of trying new things without regretting is a quality not everyone has. These candidates have a place of their own in the growth of your business.
  • Adaptable: Job hoppers are the kind of people who have been in many places and have knowledge about work cultures in various areas. This is a significant plus for you as a recruiter because they have seen the best and the worst. The kind of workspace that you offer will be adaptable to them. They will not discuss negative or complaint and will be extremely flexible. Job hoppers can adjust, and this helps when you place them in a team. They usually don’t have high expectations, because they have a better idea of how things work in the workplace. They can easily coordinate with teammates and become a part of it in lesser duration. The reason that they have been in different organisation’s and varied role helps them quickly adapt to anything you offer, which is a significant plus.
  • Variety of skills: The reason that they have been in so many roles and organisation’s tell you that possess a range of skills. One cannot know the position and be recruited for it previously. Therefore, this says that they are qualified and maintain a set of skills. Having worked in various organisations, it is sure that they have diverse skills. It’s important to note that they are candidates with a variety of skills. It will help your organisation’s in numerous ways. The candidate once recruited, can perform more than one task. You can assign them different tasks keeping in mind the skills they possess, and they will be of efficient use. This diversity also means that they can act as a single resource in the place of two. This saves a lot of your capital too. You need to identify and understand the skills of the candidate to make the best use of it.
  • Holds many contacts: It would help if you had connections to run an organisation and a job hopper has it. One of the many advantages of hiring a job hopper is that the contacts come with the candidate. Having worked in multiple organisations, a job hopper has an extensive network of contacts. Once hired, there are many ways in which you can use these contacts to grow your organisation. A job hopper tends to have an extensive network of professionals. They can be of abundant use for the expansion of your organisation, helping you get new clients and also assist you in maintaining the existing ones. This hire may boost up your organisation’s growth to a large extent. You will be surprised to know how one person can give so many contacts and help you maintain them.
  • New ideas: At a point in the growth of your organisation, it is essential to implement new techniques. Candidates who have worked in one organisation for a long time will not have this kind of thinking or ideas. It is the job hoppers who master in this field. They have been in various organisation’s and hence know many ways to perform a task. They give you new and fresh ideas on how to go about a particular project. They have their way of doing things, and simplifying tasks are one of them. They know how to do things innovatively. This kind of fresh talent will help your organisation reach the younger audience, raising the curve of growth of your company since they have a diverse set of skills and are always thinking of an innovative way to do things.
  • Ambitious: One prominent quality of a job hopper is that they are very enthusiastic. There’s nothing called settling for less for them. Probably that is the reason they change so many roles and jobs. They always want more and will do anything to get it. They have their goal clear in their mind, and they strive towards it. Hence, recruiting a job hopper will actually up the game for the organisation. A vital resource aiming high will eventually make the organisation aim high too. This is the kind of candidate that can go all out for what they want. Many business deals can be successful with candidates like these on your side. New clients and their demands can be easily fulfilled with a person who is so work driven. It is essential to have at least a few employees in a team who are determined for the company to grow at a faster rate.
  • Not lazy: It is easy to say that job hoppers are just too lazy to work and hence change jobs frequently. On the contrary, they are the most active when compared to other candidates. They always have something to do and are continually looking for new opportunities. To rewrite CV’s and to attend, so many interviews is not an easy task. With the diversity of skills that they possess and the network they have, they are always on the go. They find more straightforward, more uncomplicated and innovative ways to complete tasks. This is an advantage for you because it increases the efficiency and productivity of the organisation. You need to identify and appreciate the effort they put in looking for new roles and finding, applying for them and then going through the whole hiring process so many time. It takes a lot of patience and hard work, and that must be acknowledged.
  • Easy to recruit: The best part of hiring a job hopper for a recruiter is that you do not have to hunt for these candidates. They are easily spottable in a bunch of resumes. Job hoppers are also the easiest to recruit because not many companies shortlist them. Hence, they have very fewer chances to go anywhere else than attend the companies that give them a chance at the interview. These candidates are those who don’t get the attention they deserve and are in desperate need of jobs. This is the reason it is convenient to hire a job hopper than a stable candidate. You can negotiate on salary, quoting their loyalty towards previous companies. This will give you more benefits as they are the candidates with diverse skills and can replace two roles with just one. Job hoppers are easy to find, recruit and remunerate.

Job hoppers are not that negative as the recruiters view them to be. They have their aims and goals, and that is the reason they shift from one organisation to another so many times. Job hoppers may not be the most loyal employees you will recruit but, till the time they are your employee, they will deliver their best. With the number of skills and contacts they have, they are a vital resource to your organisation. It is effortless for the team to get along with a new hire who is adaptable and flexible. It is also important to note that job hoppers are ambitious. They might lift the performance of the team just as they enter. Having determined employees makes the workplace efficient and effective. The fact that Job hoppers are easy to recruit is all the more reason for you to hire them.

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