The Ultimate Interview Guide

Everyone is aware of the phrase ‘first impression matters.’ However, in its real sense, it’s not just a phrase and has more to it. It encompasses your first appearance impression to your know-how about the job and the final talk before being hired.
For that, you need to know precisely how well you fit for that position. Here are some tips for a pro-like interview hit.

Learn about the company
One of the basics of giving your best to a company is knowing it inside out. Only until you are satisfied with the organizational culture, you would be able to provide the best to it. Therefore, spend a few hours acquiring all about the company from as many sources as possible. It will also help you analyze your skills that match the job description and help the interviewer (rekruttering af frivillige) understand your knowhow. Try to get the larger side of the picture by looking into both the pros and cons of pairing up with the company in question. 

Be focused on ‘You.’
Now that it is the interview day, and the recruiter(styrelsen for international rekruttering og integration)is looking for the best candidate for the position; present your best self, not only regarding knowledge but appearance. Appearance is what gives the first ‘good’ or ‘bad’ impression. Now this doesn’t mean you need to all Bling and fancy nor does it mean being so casual to enter the office in flip-flops!

There is a certain code of dress that follows when it comes to official stuff. Be neat and clean, go all formal be it a man or women. Try wearing neutral shades (black, grey, nudes) with a tidy hairdo.

This tells the employer your interest in the job and the behavior towards an official meeting. Because once hired, you not only represent yourself but the company you belong to and it matters.

Just be yourself!

An interview is a way you can highlight your abilities at the same time expressing how you may benefit the company as a person. Balance between bragging about your accomplishments and having just the right stuff told to the recruiter or interviewer.

It is neither about keeping all your accomplishments hidden to yourself nor about listing down all of them at once. Hence, it is quite natural to become anxious while going for an interview, but what happens when you try to be someone you are not.

Therefore, the tip of having a smooth interview is the natural you. It’s just that the communication shall have enough details about yourself for the interviewer to know you but not in a bragging manner. This also suggests that consider the interviewer as your well-wisher who only wants to bring the best in you and not trying to point you at something odd.

Don’t try to be the person the job demands, but be who you are for what you are capable of doing since the position would later hold you accountable for stuff you got hired(hays rekruttering) for and not what you turn out to be then.

Bring all your documents, an updated resume, a laptop that has your updated professional social appearances such as LinkedIn and Twitter, official documents like education and experience letters along!

Answer with the STAR framework!

Answer with the STAR framework!

This approach helps you understand the situation and answer accordingly because not all interviews question the same.

Firstly, know the situation you are being asked about a question, its background and the reason for it. Be it from your experience or be it regarding the new company’s situational test.

Secondly, see what the company expects you to perform in the task. Moreover, respond according to what the situation demands what tasks from you and in what manner.

Thirdly, explain your action in response.

Lastly, show what results from your actions brought or what results are expected in the given scenario.

This approach gives a professional outlook of you looking at situations, and that is what any recruiter looks for while hiring because a single hire can cost the company its reputation.

Also, the times when companies merely hired by qualification are gone, now is the time when hiring is based on real-time situation responses due to the multi-faced nature of challenges faced by the organizations.

Discuss it all!

If you are lucky enough to have been offered the job right there, try to clear all your doubts regarding the position. Be it about the office environment, the salary, the benefits package etc. and tell the recruiter your expectations as well so they can decide well in time if both meet each other’s’ requirements and lastly be determined on what you choose.

If you decided to go for the job, right there decide to give it your best and success is all yours.

If not, the journey doesn’t end here!

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