Things an HR Notices While Interviewing Job Seekers

Top 5 Things an HR Notices While Interviewing Job Seekers

Interviewing candidates for a position in a company is a grueling task for the managers. Because factually it consumes lots of their energy. The recruitment process starts with sifting through hundreds of CVs and selecting a few that make the cut, and then the interview. And finding that right person out of it is tedious. While thinking of getting jobs or getting selected in interviews, our mind goes through numerous factors.

 During Interview

Questions like, “Would I get selected?”, “What would they specifically check on me?”, “Am I looking professionally good” etc. We care for numerous major attributes like body language, personality, body language, and professionalism etc. Yes, we are somehow on the track to assume it. But how far we can go with these thoughts!

Anyway, a qualified, skilled and well-groomed candidate is every recruiter’s delight. There is nothing worse than interviewing a person who isn’t prepared for the interview and simply wastes both his and the employer’s time.


So, what are the basic elements that an interviewee must keep in mind before appearing in front of the hiring manager? We’ve compiled a list of the top five aspects every candidate must remember while applying for company recruitment.

  1. Punctuality:

You should understand that HRs are running on a busy schedule. They love candidates that value their time. As a prospective employee of the company, an HR will judge your punctuality from the day of the interview. It is always a good idea to reach the venue 30-minutes in advance than show up late.

  1. Personality:

It is natural to have a nervous breakdown moment before appearing for an interview. The HR knows you’re experiencing goosebumps! But, always remember “the first impression is the last impression”. So, pull up your socks, steady up and put a bright smile on your face. Look the interviewer in the eye while going in for the subtle handshake. Things will pan out in your favor!

  1. Attire:

“Clothes maketh a man” and the saying goes perfectly with job hiring. Make sure you dress comfortably but smartly. No one appreciates a candidate that fiddles with their clothing while answering questions. Avoid bright colors, unnecessary ornaments, and sudden movements. Your focus should be on the interview and not distract the interviewer.

  1. Body Language:

Once you are in the building, you will be judged by your body language. Your way of walking, how you interact with people, your sitting posture, etc. are all new being noticed whether or not you’re aware of it. You should refrain from any irritating habits such as fiddling with your fingers or shaking your legs.

  1. Personality:

Last but not the least, your personality plays a major part in sealing your fate at the company. Always maintain a positive attitude, even if you have to face awkward or unimaginable questions. Chances are the employer is trying to baffle you in order to test the limits of your comfort zone. Never give them a chance to reject you for lacking confidence.

Once the interview is over, greet the interviewer with a bright smile and thank them for their time. Do not leave the room in a hurry. More than selling your skill, you are selling your personality. The interviewer should perceive you as somebody who is fun to be around and work with.

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