Tips To Overcome Negative Thoughts When You Are Not Getting placed.

Rejection can never be easy. It has never served anyone well in the general scenes. Rejection carries with it all the potentials to take the best of our minds and break us apart. However, is it inevitable? The answer will be a crystal clear “No”. You can never get away from rejections. The life is way too chaotic and is filled with struggles. No matter what, every person necessarily has to go through the evils of rejection at some point in their lives. However, the question arises as to how to counter rejection? Since we can never avoid it, we should know the necessary steps to protect ourselves from getting harmed by rejection. One can face rejections from many different areas. It can either be a school project rejection, a singing audition rejection, or you can also face it while offering a seminar abstract to some national seminar program or from a tennis match or a football match team selection. However, one of the most common rejections people face is a job rejection. Ultimately, it is for a sustainable and a relevant job people strive and work hard throughout their lives. After inculcating all the vital knowledge and skills, getting rejected from a dream job can never end up well. People often get depressed, lose all of their hopes and let negativity take a toll on their lives to a greater extent.

However, this should never be the scene. Success has never been easy. Good happenings take time. Rejection and failures should be taken as positive aspects of life as they help you to understand the value of your success. People will instead start to take achievements for granted if they do not come across any hurdles or struggles to acquire them. So it is undeniably necessary to view rejections from a positive perspective rather than sitting on that couch, hands overhead, in a gloomy manner. Before it is too late, let us go through some of the crucial tips which can help us overcome negative thoughts when we do not get placed.

  1. Grieve A Little First And Do Things That Uplift Your Soul: So what you are not getting placed yet? Your life does not end right there. You have many more opportunities piled up in front of you. Does it still not make you feel better? Do not worry; it is okay to grieve a little if that is what makes you feel good. Go ahead and cry, scream; but do not drag it too far. Learn how to stop it when you need to stop it. Now do something that makes you feel even better, other than crying. Go out and eat good food or cook a delicious meal for yourself. Turn on that television on the wall, take a bowl of popcorn and watch your favourite show or movie. You will eventually be able to give vent to your anger, come out of sadness and frustration and feel good about yourself. Doing things like these after coming across a continuous series of failures is a must. You cannot always mourn over rejections. So to help yourself come out of it, you must get it all out of your mind at first and then make a kick start all over again.
  2. Let It Go: As rejection is unavoidable, there is no point investing your energy in worrying about it. There could be many reasons for your denial. Probably your resume could not stand out in the crowd, or you did not possess the skills or qualifications that the job role required or you did not clear the pre-employment assessment. Yes, it is good to think about why you got rejected. Pick out all those reasons, analyse them and work on them. Learn from your rejection instead of inviting negative thoughts into your brain. Negativity will only ruin the situation. Figure out what went wrong, and make all the necessary arrangements never to repeat them in your upcoming interviews. Do not over think. A few rejections do not define your potentials. You can grow in every stage of your life and undergo various improvements. Work on your weaknesses and give your best shot next time. If you think you are not fit for the role, then work on making yourself meet the requirement.
  3. Take A Break And Travel: Do not enclose yourself within the four monotonous walls of your crib. Go out a little for a change. Travelling is more like medicine to many problems. Book your tickets, make a solo or a group trip to scenic locations, enjoy the fresh air and acknowledge its beauty. Travelling once in a while is a must as it keeps you healthy both mentally as well as physically. You get to acquire new knowledge throughout your journey and also after reaching your destination place. It also enables you to meet new people and experience different cultures. Bring along sweet memories when you return and cherish those moments. When you reach your home back, you can start with your job hunting task with a fresh and happy mind. Thus travelling helps you to shut down all the negative doors in your brain and invest your knowledge and skills into worthy matters and further prosper.
  4. Learn How To Accept Rejections: We are all aware that acceptance can be a bliss. Crying and whining over rejections and failures will do more harm to you. Know that it is a part of the parcel. You have to come across such hurdles in life to achieve your goal. Accept rejections with grace and move on. Once you embrace it, you will move ten steps forward and excel in life. One rejection does not close all the other doors. Everything happens for one’s good. What if the role was not a proper fit for you? Opportunities will flood your way if you invest your attention judiciously into worthwhile things rather than wasting your valuable time in over-thinking about your previous rejections. Better jobs will come along, and you will indeed be a perfect fit for them. So creatively channelise your failures and make denials your strength by learning to accept them with all of your heart.
  5. Revisit Your Accomplishments: Your inability to land yourself a suitable job should not make you feel worthless. First of all, job hunting in today’s competitive era is not an easy task. Moreover, finally getting one is even more difficult. It is time-consuming work and requires patience as well as dedication. Meanwhile, you can instead invest your time in going through all of your achievements rather than wasting your energy in over-analysing as to why you are unable to get yourself placed. You have already crossed many hurdles in your life, and they will never go to the waste bin. Make a list of all your knowledge, accomplishments, skill-set, and success stories. Acknowledging them at regular intervals during rejection can uplift your spirit and help you do better things further. Moreover, revising your accomplishments will help you keep them fresh in your mind, and you can deliver them in your next interview with immense confidence. Feeling good about yourself and your existence can change the game as it can help you to block all your negative thoughts on the journey.
  6. Go Forward And Request For A Feedback: When you fail to get your dream job after putting in many of your efforts, you begin to feel clueless. You try to calculate what went wrong. You will probably get answers to your questions regarding your inability to get that job, but it is always good to get the experts’ opinions. Feel free to contact the company and ask for feedback. However, before that make sure you will be strong enough to digest whatever they say. You may not always get a response from them regarding feedback, but you can make the best use of it when you do. Express your gratitude towards them for considering you worthy enough to sit for the interview or any other employment tests, and tell them how glad you are for getting a chance to know them and their company. Take the feedback as a learning lesson and begin rectifying all of your mistakes. Your efforts to ask for input despite rejection will make them feel that you are genuinely dedicated and that you will want to get recruited by them shortly. Although, in this process, do not display your desperation. No company hires desperate candidates. Be calm and gentle and to the point. The feedback will cut down all of your negative assumptions you have been having since the rejection.Both success and rejection are certain aspects of life. There is no point wondering for a long time about one’s failures because victory will eventually triumph if proper efforts are put injudiciously. Keep hawk-eyeing over every opportunity around you and grab them whenever you can. Do not let negative thoughts rule over you.

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