How has technology impacted the recruiting process?

It is evident that the recruiting process has changed drastically in the past few years. However, what caused the change? Yes, it is the interference of technology that has brought about so much change in the process. The move has been so impactful that in today’s time, recruitment does not happen without technology.

All the hiring processes begin and end at the use of technology. From the candidate uploading his resume online to hiring the candidate through video calls, it is all technology. There is nothing an organisation can do without the use of technology. Technology has made recruiting a simple process. It has impacted the recruitment process in a significant way. Here’s how:

  1. Global reach to find candidates: Hiring depends on the number of candidates who can reach your organisation for the role. Job seekers must know that your organisation is hiring for them to apply. Technology does this job for you and helps you to attract more candidates. It helps you in getting more talent and skill in a short time. The more the applicant’s, the more candidates for you to choose. Your search for the ideal candidate for a role is made easy through this process. You can view candidates from around the globe to find the perfect fit. Technology makes the reach for candidates global. It will help you reach out to the best. This process helps you in recruiting the best in a shorter time.
  2. Increase productivity: Every minute in an organisation is essential and counted. Time is everything. An organisation works on productivity. A company’s progress is based on its productivity. Hence, you do not have much time to spend on recruitment. It is an essential step to form an organisation, but, it is not all. It would help if you found a way to recruit the best candidates in less time. Technology does the same for you. It has reduced the time spent on hiring. The number of applicants can be huge; technology filters the lot and sends in only eligible candidates to the organisation. The automation saves much time for the recruiter, therefore increasing the productivity of the Human Resource Team.
  3. The company becomes more strategic – Hiring can take forever if not planned well. You sure need the best candidates to work for your organisation, but it is not ideal for spending all of your time doing the same, recruiting needs to be planned well in advance, to get the best in less time. This improves the strategy skills of the organisation. There are different ways where you can recruit candidates. Many metrics can be measured in the recruiting process. It saves a lot of time and money for the organisation.
  4. Video interview saves time: As mentioned earlier, an organisation runs on productivity. The more time you spend efficiently on work, the more the profits. Technology offers many ways to make your job more comfortable and hassle-free. It has many options for you to choose from. The first round of recruitment can be made through telephone calls or Skype and video calls. Making use of technology will save you the time and effort of going through all the profiles in person. This is also a way of straining out ineligible candidates. A video call will reveal a lot about the candidate. This way, you can see their conduct and determination for the role. Technology has changed face to face meetings for Interviews in recent times, and this is the sole reason for the change. There is so much productivity now, that was lacking earlier.
  5. Online testing: Technology comes with many benefits, and this is one of the essential uses for an organisation. To interview every candidate that applies for the role is a tedious process. To make this easy, online pre-employment tests come in handy. These tests can help you sort candidates and save valuable time. It enables you to focus on the eligible candidates and gives time to hire the best one from the lot. You are thus increasing the efficiency and productivity of the organisation. You can send online tests from any part of the world and can build customised tests as well. Candidates who have the skill and knowledge will make it through the test. Then, you can conduct individual interviews to recruit the ideal candidate for the role. You can also provide a mock test from where candidates who wish to apply can prepare for the test. This helps both the candidate and the organisation as the candidate is learning from the test, and you will be hiring a candidate who is keen to learn. Online tests are the best way to find the right candidate in a limited time.
  6. Natural interaction with candidates: Communication between job seekers and recruiters is very crucial. The organisation needs to notify job seekers about the vacancy. Based on the requirement, candidates apply for the role. During the process of recruitment, it is imperative to keep the candidates updated about their status. This communication is necessary for both the candidate and the recruiter. A recruiter can use technology to stay in touch with the candidate. A telephonic interview can be the first step in your recruitment process. It is helping you in filtering out many ineligible applicants, making the process simpler. A candidate must get regular updates on the status of their application through emails or calls. This keeps the connection intact until the recruiting process gets completed.
  7. Targeted advertisements boost job postings: How you tell the job seekers that you are hiring is essential. This is where you need to make use of digital marketing. Digital marketing is a product of advanced technology but simple to use. It gives you the power to channel your advertisements to the targeted audience only. You can make use of digital marketing in various ways. You can promote your organisation on social media; this improves the engagements on your page. People will know more about your organisation through digital marketing. There are ways to channelise your ads to the selected audience. This helps you in getting more applicant’s, and your advertisements won’t go waste. Only the people whom you target to see will get to see the post. Job seekers these days look for jobs through social media. Your presence on a social platform can get you more talent and exposure to the outer world.
  8. Improved candidate experience: One way to increase the reputation of your organisation is through the candidate experience. The way you treat your candidates during the recruitment process says a lot about your company. The opinion about a fellow job seeker travels faster than any other professional review. Therefore, you need to create a favourable impression of your organisation during the process of recruitment. Communication is the key to getting a great candidate experience. It would be best if you kept your candidates updated at every stage of the process. The amount of information you give about the role and the organisation also matters. You must be approachable at any time and should have a clear answer to every question they ask. Technology helps you maintain this relationship with the candidates. You can create a Q&A section on your website that contains common questions asked by candidates and has the answers to each one of them.
  9. Effective hiring process: The use of technology has benefits in its respective fields. One of them is making the recruiting process efficient. Having read all the advantages that technology offers, it is evident that the result is a streamlined hiring process. From straining out candidates to improving your candidate experience, technology does it all for you. There is no hiring without the help of technology in today’s world. Job seekers upload their resumes online. You can view resumes online and also perform the initial stages of recruitment online. This cuts down the cost and time of your organisation. This way, you can get more applicants and also filter out more applications easily. Technology has made the hiring process efficient as ever.

Technology has shown its flaws and benefits. You need to take what you need from it. For instance, you get hundreds of applications for that one role, and this burdens your work. However, the same technology lets you take only the ones that are right for the job. Hence, it all depends on how you utilise it. Technology has made way to online promotions and advertisements. It increases the range and reaches a broad audience. You also channelise the category of audience you want to promote a post to. This saves time, money and effort. It is now convenient for you to find the ideal candidate in the least time possible. Technology has sure changed the recruitment process, but for the better.