How to Select Suitable Employee Training Format

These days, most of the companies are making employee training a top priority. Not only employee training is gaining importance, employee opinion is also gaining equal importance. When you prioritize employee training, first of all, you need to know whether you are delivering exactly what your employees need the most or not. You should determine a format that is best suited for your company and employees.

Employee Training

In this article, we will discuss different formats of employee training and how to deliver the best training to the employees considering their requirements.

How to Select Employee Training Method?

There are two main goals of employee training method:

  • Providing information
  • Adopting and exercising new behaviors

You need to conduct a thorough research to find out which kind of information and formats would be most beneficial for your employees. You should ask your employees whether the existing training method is satisfying their requirements or they need something else. Even, you can ask human resource consultants about the employees’ preferences as they are experienced in dealing with a number of fresher and experienced professionals. You can go through the steps listed below to determine a right approach to employee training:

  1. Identify the immediate and long-term learning and organizational goals
  2. Determine your criteria to measure the success rate
  3. Compare several formats of employee training to understand which one will work well with your setup
  4. Pick a format which will be easy for the employees and motivate them in the best possible way
  5. Before finalizing a format, test out the format with a team of your employees to be sure that the format is efficient enough to reach your goal.

Now, let’s discuss a few formats or employee training methods that have been gaining immense popularity in these days:

On-Site Employee Training

This is a conventional classroom training format. In this format, employees gather in a large room and a trainer deliver them training. This learning setup boosts not only individual knowledge but also team knowledge. It provides an opportunity to build excellent team spirit. If your trainer is an experienced and skilled person, onsite classes can be the most effective training format to strengthen the relationship among the participants, different teams, and the trainer. The trainers should keep up with the needs of each participant.

Sometimes employees belonging to different departments find it difficult to attend the class at the same time as each department might have a different work schedule. So, on-site training is most eligible for the companies that have a fixed schedule for all the departments.

If developing and nurturing a team mindset is your main purpose, onsite training is the best format for you.

E-Learning Training

You can let your employees participate in the training at their own pace. The best thing about E-learning training is it does not require physical presence. Generally, this kind of training is interactive and contains a pile of video presentations. It accommodates several learning styles; maintains consistency in providing training materials that sometimes on-site classes fail to offer and requires no large classroom to conduct the training.

E-learning is the best employee training method for you when you want to improve and grow technical skills of your employees and enlighten complex policies and procedures that may be hard for a trainer to articulate in an on-site classroom. It applies a number of learning techniques including knowledge checks, short quizzes etc.

If your main requirement is to achieve some staff-wide training goals in an individualized way, then, you should pick e-learning training format for your employees.

M-Learning Training

Mobile-learning is one of the most popular training tools of this digital era. It can be equated with the e-learning module that is able to function on any portable device. M-learning content modules should be short and chucked into a series of lessons consuming three to ten minutes. Your employees will be able to enjoy the convenience of m-learning at any time and anywhere, all they need is a compatible mobile device.

Sometimes, e-learning and m-learning are found to be intertwined. E-learning supplies the main content of the training while m-learning acts as an effective tool provided on demand for providing access to information, learning feedback, support, and learning materials of specific learning styles.

M-learning is best for you when your employees need to travel frequently. It is able to facilitate learning “on move” and hence is not tied to a particular place.

A Final Takeaway

Let’s wind up the discussion with a reminder that can help you throughout your employee training sessions. Don’t consider only one aspect, such as the convenience of your employees or total expense of the training. You need to take all the possible aspects into consideration.