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Enchanted By The Charm: Here’s Why It’s impossible To Challenge Social Media Addiction

Your social media feed notifications often irritate you. This is true for most of us to the extent that sometimes we turn it off. However, you cannot stop our self from checking the updates.

It’s still tempting. You must have come across people expressing doubt over the genuineness of the information on social media but still, we check it and even rely on it. What’s drawing us to something we don’t rely on?

Clarifying The Reasons For Sinful Crush On Social Media Platforms

It’s not that sinful as the forbidden apple, but all Adam and Eve and others just can’t resist the temptation. Despite the controversies over its reliability, we use it. Here are some of the most common reasons for using social media even when we don’t trust it completely.

Don’t want to miss it:

What’s on social media becomes the talk of the town and you don’t want to miss it. You must know what’s happening, where to join and enjoy the conversation. You fear of being left out, so you keep checking and it gets you.

Those ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ comfort your ego:

We can shy away but never deny that we like to be appreciated. It makes us feel good and it greatly satisfies out ego. This is one of the most dominating and influential reasons for social media addiction. You cannot ignore it even when you complain about it.

You’ll have the ultimate control:

The social media platforms allow you to have complete control over the content published. You decide the audience; play an active role in spreading the content and more. It gives you a great sense of fulfilment and accomplishment. You don’t want to lose such a ‘powerful’ medium.

Perceived value:

With such a great flexibility, control and power in your hands, social media are perceived to be of great value. So you cannot avoid but agree to surrender to it.

Status: A number of psychologists have observed that people equate their popularity on social media to their status. The visibility that they on the virtual media is assumed and accepted to their status in real life. So people just cannot let it go. They keep checking and establishing their identity on the different social media platforms.

The charm of social media is too addictive to avoid. Despite awareness, we absorb the information on social media, even more than the ones on mainstream sources of information.

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