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A job is the most basic requirement for any individual to sustain life as it is the only way to earn a living. However, the process of finding the right job is a tedious and exhausting one unless you strategise and plan according to your needs, keeping in mind the skills that you possess. There are many ways to go job hunting, online applications, walk-ins, references to name a few. To find which is the best Job search option for you. Here are ways to make your job-hunt smart, comfortable and active.

Know your career:
It would be best if you had a clear-cut idea on what you were and what you want to be. Give a moment, think about your previous job, your education, and analyse things that you want to retain in your career and the ones you want to omit. You should evaluate your skills, review what you expect from your next job, and make alterations in your career according to it. You also need to set goals for yourself and evaluate where you want to be in a defined timeframe. Make sure you set goals which are realistic, achievable and time bound. Once, you decide on what you want your next job to be; it is easy to plan and channelise all your resources to find the right position.

Reconnect and build a new network:
The most crucial step in a job search is to revive all your connects. It would be best if you reconnected with all your friends, cousins, ex-colleagues, and mentors to know more about vacancies and openings. Your network can bring you more opportunities rapidly than any other connection. They know you and your professional background, which helps in finding the right job faster. Also, they can recommend you to their organisation and make the process simpler. However, it would help if you also built a new network with new people so that you have an idea about the competition around you and have a chance to explore new ideas and thoughts.

Strengths and weaknesses:
You can look for a job only if you possess a set of skills, and you can apply only to jobs that match your skill set. While in search for a job, talent is the element that will set you apart from the rest of the mass. You need to make a list of your strengths and rate yourself how good you are at each one of them. The ratings will give you an idea of how much you know and how much more you need to work on your skills. Noting down your weaknesses is as important as noting down your strengths. You should be aware of your minuses and work on them eventually.

Update skills:
Once you start looking for a job, you will realise that there are so many things that you do not know. This might be because of the time gap since the time last time you were recruited or because you were not taught the current technology. You might have the basic skills but, the job you applied for might demand more, and that is why you need to update your skills according to the requirement. Attend training and lectures to learn new things. Make sure that you are up to date about the technology/system that is being used in your field of interest. You can also apply for more jobs if your skill set is diverse; this increases the chances of finding a job faster.

Build a Resume:
After analysing, assessing, and building on skills, you need to develop a resume that stands out. A resume is the first document that a recruiter meets before inviting you for a discussion. The recruiter judges your abilities based on your resume. Multiple formats are available online to build a resume. You need to follow basic guidelines while building a resume. A resume needs to be crisp and to the point. It should not be exaggerated or be too small. It should contain the right amount of information in the proper format with no spelling or grammar errors. Only if your resume is impressive will you be clearing the screening test. A resume is a document that defines you during your job hunt; therefore make it as impressive as possible.

Apply online:
Living in a world that is technology savvy, you need not to worry about missing on anything. While almost everything is available online these days, you can find your job on the same too. There are innumerable websites that help you find your dream job. You can upload your resume on their sites and look for jobs based on your vision. The site will show you companies that are hiring. It will contain details about the organisation, the role they are offering with the day-to-day responsibilities and salary. These sites are the most helpful in finding a job. You can also enter your skills, and the place you are willing to work at and these sites will display companies that are hiring according to your filters. LinkedIn, Naukri, Indeed and TalentFore are some of the most popular job portals from around the world.

Apart from online job portals, social media can also be used to find jobs. Many advertisements pop up which help you reach the right site. There are many groups present on social media that you can be a part of to get more details and contacts to connect with new people. Sometimes, employers form groups to have direct contact with the job seeker without any intermediaries.

Apply offline:
With a zillion possibilities online, you might not consider applying for jobs offline. However, why leave out an option when you can choose as many as you want. Applying offline means attending walk-in interviews, applying of Company websites and career expos. This is a way of meeting the company directly. Most walk-ins are published in the newspaper a few days before the interview. There will be hundreds of people attending walk-ins, and this is when your resume will have to stand out. It would help if you made the strongest impact through your resume; else you will not even be able to clear the screening test. Career expos give you exposure to the possibilities for your career. This is a place to build professional relationships and discuss jobs and internships. There are specialised career expos that you can attend based on your interest.

Prepare for tests:
After you make an impression with your resume and qualify the screening test, you need to be prepared to take a test that tests your skills and abilities. This test will be based on the job that you have applied. Not all the tests are similar. They differ from one company to another. Hence, it would help if you prepared for various types of tests. Not every company will test you on the same skill. One company might stress on one or two skills that are mentioned in your resume while the other can give equal importance to all. Therefore, you need to take mock tests that are available online. They can be taken anywhere at any time. It would be best if you did as many of these as possible to be thorough of your skills.

Prepare for interviews:
Preparing for tests is entirely different from preparing for interviews. A meeting is a final stage in the process of a job search. You can clear it and get a job, or do the whole process again. An interview is a formal meeting between the recruiter and the job seeker to know each other entirely and to assess the latter’s skills in person. How to prepare for an interview is an altogether different process from all the procedures done so far. To mention the most fundamental rules, you need to develop responses for the most obvious and most asked questions. You need to be able to talk fluently and with clarity. It would be best if you also planned on what to wear and what to carry on the day of the interview. Make sure to carry all the documents the company has asked you to. It would help if you also researched the organisation so you know their goals and achievements, which will gain you an extra point during the interview. They will ask you a few job role related questions that you should know the answers to, to get the job.

With so many conditions and limitations, it is challenging to find the perfect job in little time, but you can surely get the best if you follow the points mentioned above, as they are the essential attributes during a job hunt. This smart and active job hunt strategy can be used by anyone and should be modified according to your interests and careers. Make sure you don’t miss any of the steps to get a job offer as soon as possible.

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