Why A Simple Resume Template Is Better Than Fancy One

A resume is the only document that represents the applicant when he/she applies for a job in any organization. Judgements are made regarding the candidate solely based on their Resume. If your Resume is impressive and is presented using a professional resume template, you will be called upon by the organization for an interview.

However, if it leaves a negative impact, your chances of securing the interview are eliminated. Resumes communicate your skills and qualifications. You may never get a second chance. It is vital that resumes are designed as per the recruiter’s specifications or requirements. If the recruiter is satisfied, your chances of obtaining employment in the organization also improve.

Recruiters receive several resumes for each job posting. However, only a short and straightforward resume can grab the attention of the recruiters. It can create an accurate or the right impression intended. A simple resume template can project the candidate as an ideal, talented and skilful employee. A resume is the only piece of information the recruiters possess about the candidate. It is essential to use a simple resume template to portray the candidate in a desirable light. It is vital to keep it simple and not burden it with unnecessary details or fancy whims. Loading it with irrelevant information can damage your Resume and hinder any scope of development. If you fail to please the recruiters, your future in the organization is close to impossible.

A simple resume template is preferred. A fancy resume template may often come across as unprofessional. The content is what highlights the Resume. Wordly content can seem excessive, and the recruiter may fail to grasp the necessary information. The recruiter may lose interest in reviewing it. In the digital age where most companies use a software known as the Applicant Tracking System(ATS), it is necessary to use a simple resume template. This software is used by recruiters during the recruitment and selection process to scan the resumes received by the organization for employment purposes. It reviews resumes based on the necessities and qualifications required for the job. To pass this preliminary screening, your Resume needs to be short and straightforward. The Application Tracking System weeds out resumes which do not possess what they are looking for in a candidate. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) does not look for flowery language or bragging. Thus, a fancy resume can be highly undesirable and unnecessary. A simple resume template for each job can outsmart the ATS software. It can boost your chances of procuring an interview in the organization. This can later lead to employment in the organization.
A fancy resume template is often considered to be unprofessional. It does not follow a format and cannot present information about the candidate in an orderly fashion. The Application Tracking System(ATS) does not care for any form of fancy formatting. Even if your Resume does make it through the ATS filter, a fancy format will not be looked at in a kind manner. It can also fail to provide relevant information about the candidate and can possess irrelevant details. It can further diminish your chances of getting selected for an interview in the organization. A fancy resume template may also appear to the recruiters as a method to cover up the lack of relevant skills, experience and educational qualifications.

A fancy resume could get rejected in the very first stage. If it does not make it through the preliminary round, the very objective of creating and submitting a resume is lost. Using a fancy template may bore the recruiters, and they might find it unattractive. A standard or straightforward resume template allows familiarity among recruiters. This familiarity can lead to further considerations rather than being discarded completely.

Simple resume templates tend to use points and phrases. Extreme formatting methods are avoided. The focus is on the text or content rather than the excellent presentation of the Resume. A simple resume is also precise and communicates relevant information. This improves your chances of surviving the ATS software’s filter and securing an interview. It is well known that recruiters spend an average of six seconds on a single resume. It is necessary to convey that you are the best or ideal candidate for the job in those six seconds. Although it may appear as a daunting task to impress the recruiter in six seconds, it is not impossible. Using a simple resume template can help you do the same. It contains relevant information in a simple and orderly manner. It is readable, and the recruiter can review it quickly.He/she can quickly match the requirements, skills and qualifications required for the job to the information presented in your Resume. However, if a fancy resume template is used, the readability factor would have been significantly lower. It would not be able to present the information correctly or desirable. It cannot draw attention to the specifics.

Fancy resume templates tend to go overboard while impressing potential employers. It can come across as boastful or even desperate at times. It can create an unpleasant and harmful impression of the candidate. It can be messy or unorganized. It can also have too many words which can frustrate the recruiters who are reviewing it. It can also come across as overdesigned and futile efforts put in preparing the Resume. Using fancy fonts, borders and texts can affect the consistency of the Resume to an alarming degree. While elegant resume template may seem attractive and impressive to you, that might not be the case with recruiters. Recruiters require resumes to appear calming and easy to read, which allows them to obtain information about the candidate. Only a simple resume can do the same. Simplicity in your resume template is also applicable when it comes to the content. The recruiter does not want to spend any time re-reading your content. They do not want to read long and over complicated sentences. It gives them all the more reason to discard your Resume. A fancy resume template can lead to your Resume being tossed into a pile of rejected resumes. It is essential to stick to the basics. Legibility and clearly expressed points allow the employers or recruiters to form a positive opinion about the candidate. A simple template allows the Resume to be bright, clean and to the point making it more compelling and exciting. A fancy resume template can seem gimmicky and also prove to be distracting while a simple resume template can be easily scanned and can provide the information needed. Fancy fonts, wild colours and background designs can ruin or even destruct the entire Resume.

A resume is not the place to experiment. Creative fonts can make your Resume appear exceedingly childish. A standard and straightforward template ensure that professionalism is maintained throughout the Resume. It can leave a significant impact. Job-seekers striving to make such an impact should go for standard and simple template styles. Resume templates with excessive formatting are to be avoided at all times. Your Resume is the only source for a first impression to be formed. This makes it all the more necessary to highlight what is to be conveyed through your Resume.

Resumes with attractive fonts, borders, graphics and specially formatted indents might look appealing to you. It does not sound appealing to the potential employer. All creative work used to make your resume template stand out might hinder it from successfully passing the Application Tracking System(ATS) software. Recruiters want simplicity in resumes and resume templates and layouts. Only one to two simple fonts are to be used. All forms of fancy borders are to be avoided in your Resume. Glamour is not required.

Recruiters and managers generally possess limited time to review the candidate’s resumes for positions in the organization. In addition to scanning several resumes, they are required to perform other tasks and duties. A simple template style allows it to be quality oriented. A simple resume must not be more than one page in length. It is vital that it should be free of irrelevant information. Any form of unnecessary fluff is to be avoided. Your experience, educational qualifications and skills must speak for itself. Cluttering your Resume with information can burden it. It can disrupt what is required to be communicated or determined through your Resume.

It is not about what you conclude looks pretty, will stand out or even determining what the company expects from your resume layout. In any resume, your accomplishments and skills matter. The font or fancy resume template does not matter. It is pointless to worry about what makes your Resume look the most attractive or which script is to be used text. The method of organizing, simplicity, and communicating the right message using a simple resume template is what leads to your destination. Substance overpowers style or the physical attractiveness of your Resume.

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