Setting realistic goals that work to achieve sure success

Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be a struggle for the majority of the population across the globe. Even more difficult can be to even think about starting a change. The increasing number of resolutions that were taken during the New Year and abandoned has only been ascertaining this fact. The person may have come up with several decisions for improving his overall health, but is not able to do so and simply fall back into his/her old habits in just a few days. This can prove to be disappointing for anyone.
Reasons for not able to reach the goal.
What one has to understand that they are not alone in this world when it comes to failing in reaching their desired goal and objectives in life. A major reason noticed for this inability to come up with changes is because of lack of goal setting. The two different motivating factors that tend to drive human behavior are avoidance of pain and pursuit of pleasure. If the person takes out time to think about it for a long time, then he can simply trace all his behaviors related to the above two motivators. Moreover, the reason cited for people struggling towards making healthy, sustainable changes in their lives is due to their pursuing short-term pleasure when compared to long-term ones and avoiding short-term pain.
Examples to better understand about goal setting
A classic example can be when the person was in school and had to complete several assignments within a specific date. The best strategy would be to start work immediately and work on it every day until completed. However, it is all theory, since very few people tend to put it into practice. There is a simple reason they are not able to finish the said task within the set deadline. This is because people, in general, do not want to take up the pain immediately. Therefore when they do, it is already late.
Setting an effective goal
It is very important for every person to understand very clearly as to what the goal is all about. Only then can he plan to reach it by using the right strategy. One can make use of the SMART-P procedure to reach the goals. It is in full for specific, measured, attainable, result oriented, time and purpose. He can easily find this on the web and browse through several of them. This can give the person a clear idea as to what he should do to identify the objective/goal.
One must especially understand, how he should pursue his goal to accomplish the task and achieve success. However, only a plan is not sufficient. This is because, initially the person may feel excited, but somewhere down the lane, he might lose the energy. This is where motivation combined with clearly defined, strong purpose can help the person to move on to fulfill all tasks and to achieve sure success.

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