Self-promotion an absolute necessity for every professional

Screening tests and interviews are not the only tests that you will be given during your career. After being placed, you need to set your standards high to retain the position offered. You need to look for your growth and make the most of the resources available in the organisation. There needs to be an improvement in your career with every passing term. Your Career Development can happen only if you are keen to learn and can project your capabilities.

It would help if you showed the organisation what you are capable of to get what you want. The company will recruit you by your resume and your interview. They won’t be aware of the capabilities and skills you possess entirely; therefore, you need to put yourself out there to make an impression and to grow faster. Self-promotion is the way to it. You need to promote yourself and your skills for better opportunities in an organisation. Self-promotion is an absolute necessity for every professional; here’s why:

  1. Helps you stand out: When you get recruited, you have made the entry into the Organisation based on your past achievements and skills. Getting a job is undoubtedly more comfortable than keeping one. In an organisation, there are many people with multiple talents around you. Self-promotion helps you shine among all of them. The way you portray your skills and ability will put you in the limelight. It helps you in your professional growth. It would help if you made an impression in the starting few weeks of your job itself. This will show the team lead that you are a performer, hard working and are willing to learn. It would help if you kept putting it out there once in a while that you are good at a particular skill. That way, people will come to you immediately in case they face any issue in that field. However, it would help if you did not brag a lot about yourself because that will leave a stain on your image. You need to promote yourself subtly and create a positive picture of yourself in the other person’s mind. This kind of self-promotion will help you stand out from the crowd and will give way to more opportunities in an organisation.
  2. Makes you more marketable: With the number of people that are there in an organisation, you need to become popular in a way that people know who they are talking about just by mentioning your name. You must set a standard for yourself during the early stage of work and retain it from there on. Managers should know the kind of work you deliver and must view you differently from the others. You need to make every day count and provide your best at every task. Organisation’s these days do not believe in keeping their employees for a long time. They are in the lookout for fresh talent all the time. In an environment like this, you need to build a value of your own and make them value you and your work. You need to create a reputation of your own and make sure you are a vital resource to the organisation. Self-promotion is the best way to tell the leads what you are capable of and how much you can contribute to the organisation.
  3. Solidifies your value: Every minute you spend in an organisation adds to the profit of the company. It would help if you promoted in a way that your mark is evident. You need to site results and accomplishments to keep your value noticeable. Your ability in the workplace should be acknowledged. Self-promotion is not only about you, but also about the skills that are provided to the organisation by you. You must share knowledge and think of various ways to complete the given task with efficiency. This way, you will support your team and strengthen your role in the company as well. You must deliver exceptional results, in the beginning, to get recognition and continue with the momentum. Once, you know that you have achieved the best, you must begin to promote yourself by stating your accomplishments and performance. Skills and knowledge that you possess need to be shared with team-mates for the benefit of the organisation. You are working for an organisation; therefore, you need to give it your best. Your ability to learn and teach will solidify your value in the company.
  4. Gets you more opportunities: After being recruited, you need to carve your path towards growth. You need to promote yourself with the skills you have. You must prove to your managers that you are good at a particular skill and make sure they take notice of it. Putting your strengths out there will bring you more opportunities. Your Manager will not know your talent the day you start. It would help if you exhibited it subtly. It should not look like you are trying hard to do it. You must give your best in every task assigned for them to take notice. Once, they know your strengths and capabilities, you will be given more opportunities to perform. If you don’t show them what you are capable of, you cannot expect more opportunities. The growth of your career entirely depends on how you work on it. Only if you get various opportunities will you be able to learn. To get more opportunities, you need to prove to be eligible, and that is done through self-promotion. Show what you have got and you will get what you ask.
  5. Scope for learning: When working in an organisation, there is always something more and new to learn. However, you need to unveil your skills initially to get an opportunity to learn more. The skills that you already possess need to be put to appropriate use. That does not mean that whatever you know is all of it. There is always more to everything. Once you have portrayed what you know efficiently, your manager will notice it and assign you more tasks and opportunities. It will help you in learning more from what you already know. It increases the accuracy of your skill. Therefore, you need to exhibit what you know, to get an opportunity to learn more. Your manager will take notice of your skills and talent and might assign you tasks that might be new to you — giving you an excellent opportunity to learn something new. Thus, promoting yourself will give rise to new and better opportunities. It helps you explore new areas of your career. Opportunities like these may provide a new curve to your career graph. You must make the most of the opportunity and learn as much as possible. This widens your boundary and makes way for new and innovative learning. You do not want to miss opportunities because you did not ask for it or because you were too reserved to put yourself out there.
  6. Self-promotion is a Leadership skill: Most of you know the importance of self-promotion, but always take a back seat and wait to be recognised. It does not take you anywhere. There is still this dilemma on how to go about it. Self-promotion is a leadership skill; you need to express what you and your team have delivered. It helps in building new relationships. You are helping your team members by your promotional efforts, highlighting your accomplishments and the hard work behind it. Self-promotion is not just about you; it is about your team and their effort. It is a way you can pull yourself and the team forward for better opportunities. Helping you enhance your leadership skills as well. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Your teammates are recognised, and you get noticed for putting them in the limelight. Self -promotion is not negative behaviour.

You need to know how to put yourself out there, without making it look like you are boasting. There is no one better than yourself to promote your skills. It would help if you let your skills and performance do the talking initially. You need to stay updated on the requirements for the role and try to improve yourself in every step. The development of your career is what you make of it. Self-promotion is an important method to get the managers attention to your work. You need to deliver the best and make sure it gets noticed. Be open to new resources and processes. It’s not the leads that send you to next step all the time. It would help if you pushed yourself to the next level. Keep in mind the difference between self-promotion and self-adulation. Self-promotion means the art of spreading ideas and thoughts. Whereas, self-adulation implies the promotion of accomplishments that have already been done. Hence, look into the future and promote ideas that help the future of the organisation.

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