5 Recruitment Questions to Test Job Hoppers

Searching For Job Hoppers

Who are Job Hoppers? A term attributed to someone who cannot stick to a job for more than a year. However, as you know that the CV reaches an interviewer before the candidate. Therefore, interviewing such a person may help you find some real talent. Recruitment observers point that there are three basic categories classifying job hoppers.

Compulsive Hoppers — those that switch jobs out of habit or boredom.

Progressive Hoppers — looking for better opportunities.

Helpless Hoppers— who are caught in personal and unforeseen problems compelling them to quit.

Nevertheless, from the interviewer’s point how can you ensure that you are making the right choice for your company?  The best way is to frame five fortified questions. Probing the mind of the candidate and picking the best of the group.

  1. Tracing Reason For Change

From an interviewer’s experience, serial hoppers have a different perspective towards work compared to those with long employment histories. A serious candidate will state positive examples displaying an urge of skill enhancement. Whereas, the other would find escape routes dodging questions.

  1. Exploring decisions

A deeper reading of the recruiter’s resume can lead to questions about whether each change made was a better opportunity and how. Allowing him to respond helps in recruitment and a better understanding of the candidate’s perspective on employment.

  1. Testing commitments

The interviewer may ask the candidate if he will he be willing to stay for the next three years in the company. A defined time-span may prove uncomfortable to a compulsive hopper but someone who is serious may want to know about benefits and promotion processes.

  1. Challenging circumstances

Picking a cue, you could test the candidate and know his viewpoint on increments and promotions. A candidate thinking seriously about his recruitment and work profile will cite a better response.

  1. Understanding Roles

At this point, an interviewer can access the quality of the candidates. But to be completely sure they could ask about his relations with past employers and co-workers. Of course, this question though placed casually will help determine the interpersonal role of the candidate. It will also test the merit as a genial asset in his new role.

In the end, you just need to trust your instincts and put your bet on someone you feel can add value to the work culture of your company. Recruitment firms too can help with data and research support. Hire the candidate and offer good working conditions to keep your employees happy!

Summary: Job Hoppers prove to be challenging for recruiters. As one can never be sure whether they will show any commitment to their present position! However, in some cases, certain unforeseen reasons can cause short span in employment. Tested five questions can help in the recruitment of the right candidate.