Things To Avoid During Hiring

5 Things Recruiters should Never Say to Candidates or should Avoid during job hiring

When it comes to the recruitment process, a great emphasis should be stressed on what the recruiters should avoid saying. On the Internet, you would have gone through the articles regarding suggesting something productive to the aspiring candidates. But hardly you would have gone through an article discussing the recruiters do’s and don’ts.

Everyone involved in the job hiring process is a normal human being and just like other human beings, they might also say something not suitable for a particular context. This article has listed 5 things that the recruiters should always avoid saying.

5 things Recruiters should NEVER Say to the Candidates:

  1. “Imagine you are supposed to be a vegetable, what type of vegetable would you prefer to be?”

A few variants of the above-mentioned question are:  “Who do you think would win a battle a bear or a shark?”; “Which celebrity would stage your character in a movie based on your life? Etc.  If you are using interview questions like this, please don’t repeat them again! This kind of questions is off-putting to the candidates and it can hardly help you ascertain anything about valid about their ability. Try to ask questions that can help you judge whether the candidate is the best bet for your requirement or not.

  1. “We are in Search of a Rock Star.”

How can a rock star be the best bet for industries such as IT or finance? Have you ever seen a rock star like Mick Jagger applying for this kind of jobs you are offering? It would be better if you can utter phrases like “experts”, “pundits” etc. In this context, you should always remember that injecting a bit of personality is always a good trick but it should not turn the entire job hiring process into a cringe-inducing one.

  1. The Phrase “Reach Out”

“Reach out” is a phrase that is a synonym for “contact”.  This particular phrase implies a specific situation of the candidate. It sounds like, the candidate is asking for his/her rescue from any messed up situation.  Let’s make the recruitment process fair enough; we all know that none but the candidate can help him bag the job with an impressive performance. So, you should not give them an impression that you are somehow favouring them.

  1. “Only Clients matter to us, so no time to waste”

Do you have any need of making the candidates running after you? You should certainly create a sense of urgency it is a wise marketing strategy but that should be done in the right manner. In the present instance, the expression is not constructive but a destructive one. Recruitment process should always encourage the talented and hardworking people; it should not make them feel inferior.

  1. “Only we can be your Rescuer”

Really? Is it? Do you really think that potential candidates can never do justice with their talent without your interference? Then, you are living in your own world of fantasy. So, let’s come back to the real world. If the candidates are really talented and ready to work hard, they will find a number of organizations (like yours) running after them. So, never try to manipulate them, rather try to make them feel that you are by their side; you are really eager to support their talent.

Conclusion –

An ideal recruitment process is nothing but an intelligent discussion in which the employers should never be giving the impressions listed above. Do you have any other ideas that can ease the job hiring process? If so, then share your ideas with us!

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