5 Unique Ways to Promote a Job Opening

Every recruitment consultant wants to hire only the best employees. It is no doubt a daunting task. Every industry is getting more competitive every day. Therefore, more skilled and hardworking employees are required to reach the height of perfection. If you are in search of real talent and have tried everything including traditional recruitment process, social media, posting on boards but haven’t reached your expectation, it’s the high time you should think something out-of-the-box.

Job Opening notice, in an interesting way.

After a thorough research on some of the reputed companies, five unique tricks to attract the potential customers have been listed in his article. Let’s explore the tricks:

  1. Appealing Commercial

There is no better way to appeal to the candidates than to show them how funny and friendly work culture your company is maintaining. For instance, one CEO opted for a 15-second commercial at a local movie theatre to advertise that particular company she was working with. What’s so unique in this commercial? She asked her employees to capture short videos of them doing fun simultaneously along with their assignments. These short videos were spliced into the commercial. It left the audience with a question “What is your talent?” In this way, the commercial encouraged the audiences to take a step further and apply for a new job to do justice with their talent.

  1. Open-ended Job Postings

Being a recruitment consultant, you might be thinking that it is a bit strange, but it can pay you in the best way. Yes, all you need to do is to keep your job postings open-ended. Don’t detail everything about the vacancy; leave a catchy message to make the audience curious. This curiosity will take them to your organization. For instance, a digital agency once created a job posting that contained nothing but a question “Do you want to Work here or not?” Interesting, isn’t it?

  1. Viral Job Posts

If you want to go viral without spending a huge amount, you need to go viral. So, you have to try that all the job posts, you are making, that must be viral. For a better understanding, let’s have a look at an instance. A Canadian company, a couple of years ago installed a billboard on their property. “Trespassers will be hired”! It was the message that the billboard was showcasing. Then the rest is the story today.

  1. Targeted Candidates

This is a living reality that the passive employees of tomorrow are passive job applicants of today. If they are already employed, they are not under any serious circumstances to switch gigs. They might be looking only for better opportunities. Therefore a recruitment consultant should do something unique to be really special in the eyes of the potential employees. Once a company posted a job listing and picked top 100 applicants coming from this listing. Next, they go through the social profiles of these candidates and sent personalized iPods to each of them. 90% of those candidates reverted back, and the company hired three of them. In this way, the company not only hired the best employees but also strengthened their presence in the market.

  1. Intelligent& Tricky Approach

It is really important for a recruitment consultant to be a little tricky. When the reputed furniture company IKEA was rapidly expanding into Australia, they needed to hire a lot of efficient employees. They chose a really interesting way to appeal to the best candidates. They went on printing out instructions to tell the folks how they should assemble their careers. Further, they stashed these instructions into their product boxes. Customers were absolutely stumbled over the job postings when they unpacked their products. As an outcome, IKEA was flooded with applications in a few days.

Hopefully, these unique tricks will help you hire the candidates of your dream. Do you have any other ideas that can help our recruitment consultant readers? If so, please share your ideas with us.