Ways to Recruit the Perfect Candidate

Top 5 Ways to Recruit the Perfect Candidate

There is no shortage of candidates for most job profiles in today’s economy. A layman would tell you that there is no dearth of skilled labor. However, the recruitment process isn’t easy. Just ask a recruitment manager, and they will tell you how hard it is to find the right person for the job.

The entire process of sifting through hundreds of résumés, handpicking a few for the interview rounds and selecting the ones that make the cut, doesn’t always guarantee a skilled workforce. So how does an employer recruit the perfect candidate?

Here are the top five guidelines that help improve the recruitment process, ensuring that you hire the perfect candidate every time!

Improve the recruitment process.

Look for Career-Oriented Candidates

The primary objective of an employer is to look for candidates who are willing to develop their skill set to boost their career. Recruiters need to refrain from hiring candidates that have worked for multiple companies during a short tenure. While hiring employees, people need to evaluate the positives that are brought to the table.
If a candidate has a history of jumping between multiple organizations with a short period, chances are they won’t stay long. An employer would never want to spend precious time and money again in filling up the vacant position in a few months.

Evaluate the Candidate’s Experience

The perfect candidate is both qualified and experienced in your line of work. If you ever have to choose between two people with varying experience and qualification, choose the person with higher experience. They are usually better at acclimatizing to the need of the hour.

Test the Candidate’s Hands-on Skill

Even if a person comes across as confident during the interview, devise a strategy to test their skill in your area of operation. Create a mock situation that requires some basic knowledge to detect if a candidate is lying in their resumé.

Hire them as an Intern

An internship is the easiest way to determine whether a person is suitable for the job. Interns are usually paid a fraction of what an employee receives while getting hands-on training during the recruitment process. This saves the company a lot of money that is otherwise required for training.

Run Social Checks on Every Potential Candidate

It pays to uncover whether or not a potential employee is a social butterfly. Even if they aren’t comfortable around strangers, find out what their friends have to say about them. Going through an employee’s social media profile will tell you a lot about their personality.

Searching for the perfect candidate is a laborious recruitment process. But the result is worth the effort in the long run!

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