Qualities that recruiters look for in a job hopper.

You might not have a strong reason for why you change the organisation’s so frequently. You must have gone through many rejections in the process of finding the right job. Not all recruiters reject job hoppers as soon as they see their resume. There are a few recruiters who look for the best in a candidate. You need to present yourself in the best possible way to get that role.

‘Loyalty’ not being your strength, you need to sell yourself to the recruiter to land in that job. Your resume needs to be honest and should include every professional detail about you. Your skills sections can get you a call for an interview. There are a few qualities that all recruiters look for in a job hopper.

  1. Ambitious: Being ambitious can be the reason behind your frequent job change. It would help if you appeared ambitious to the recruiter. Make your points very clear and be confident of what you say — the question about why your frequent shifting will undoubtedly arise. You must be in a position to answer that question with confidence and no regrets. Explain to them why you switched so many times. Tell them about your goals and convince them that you are ambitious and are always looking for more. You can also mention what all you learnt from the previous organisation’s and how it has prepared you for the best. Recruiters need ambitious employees as they increase the growth of the organisation. They aim high and plan accordingly to achieve it. If you convince to be that person, you have earned yourself a good number of points.
  2. Diverse skills: The recruiter expects a lot in terms of skills from you. Your resume needs to be oozing with skills. Everything you learnt and achieved in previous companies needs to be on the resume. You might have acquired quite a few techniques and skills in the many organisations that you have been in. It is your skills section that needs to define your talent. Make sure to list every skill down to get the recruiters attention. It is imperative to understand the need for competence. A candidate is selected according to the skills they possess. Even if you are a job hopper, the variety of skills you possess can land you in a job without much difficulty. Because most recruiters don’t bother about a job hoppers resume, it is the skills section that can take you forward. It would help if you were specific about what you are capable of. If your skills section is outstanding, you can expect a call for an interview. Hence, make sure your skills are on point.
  3. Humility: This is an important trait that you need to have to be recruited. Your resume might say a lot about you and your work, but always stay humble. It’s great that you know so many things, but there’s a lot that you need to learn. Be open to learning and sharing knowledge. This will take you a long way in your career. You need to present yourself with humility in front of your recruiters. Being humble says a lot about your personality, and hence, you need to get this right. Having known and mastered many skills, you must stay humble. This will create a good impression of you in the eyes of the recruiter. Being modest doesn’t mean talking low about yourself; it is talking about things that you still have to learn.
  4. Transparency: Being honest with everything that happened in your career can win points during the recruiting process. You need to be completely clear with what you want and what you have to give to the company. Any questions that the recruiter has about your career needs to be answered with utmost honesty. Firstly, you cannot lie in your resume; you need to list facts. You must not be dishonest during the interview as eventually even after you get hired, the employers will find out, and that leaves nothing but a wrong impression about you. Any career shifts or breaks must be explained with honesty. This will build a sense of trust for the recruiter on you. You need to be in a position to explain your frequent transition of roles. Developing the belief that what you did was for the right reasons will make you noted.
  5. Flexibility: Recruiters expect all new hires to be flexible and adaptable. This is a quality that can help grow the organisation and hence is the most important. It would help if you were open to changing time schedules. A recruiter always wants more from an employee. If you can spend a few extra hours to finish the task, it will help you get in the good books of the employer. Recruiters look for candidates who can add to the company’s profit. You must be a candidate who can do that. Your skills need to be of utmost use. You must be willing to change teams or projects according to the team’s requirement. It would help if you also were adaptable to any change in the working hours. In a sentence, you need to be ready to give yours most for the organisation.
  6. Learning agility: Keeping in mind all the skills that you possess, you also need to be willing to learn new things from the new organisation. You might have a way of doing things, but when in an organisation, you must do things the way the organisation wants you to. When in a team, it is crucial for you to play by it. New thoughts and ideas are appreciated and will be taken into action only if you are accepting of other ideas. Every organisation offers a variety of experience, to gain that, you should be willing to learn. If the recruiter wants you to work on a different project, you must be open to it. This not only helps you during the recruitment but also adds to your profile. You will be able to learn new things and will explore new fields. This is a way of expanding your diversity of skills.
  7. Positivity: New hires should be like a breath of fresh air. You need to bring in positivity to the team. Your interview needs to be cheerful and interactive. Surely, they might be many questions for you, but how you answer them decides the result. You need to be positive about everything that happened in your career. Every role and every organisation would have taught you something. It would help if you mentioned that. Tell the recruiters how much you have learnt from every company. Do not bad mouth your previous organisation’s. Doing that says a lot about your personality negatively. Make Interview as interactive as possible. Be confident with your answers. Being humorous can fetch you points too. Again, please do not overdo it; it is going to distract the purpose of the interview. Be honest and open about your experiences and create a light atmosphere in the room.
  8. Competent: Now, this a quality that every person working in an organisation must have. This quality drives the organisation toward success. A recruiter looks for competence in a candidate during an interview. If you can portray yourself as competent, you are half there for the role. You need to have the drive to work and reach your goals. Any deadlines should make you work harder. This acts a plus for both you and the organisation. Being competent will add value to your profile. The growth of the organisation’s runs on competence. You need to set goals and make priorities for useful results. The kind of work you have done earlier needs to exhibit this quality.

Recruiters look for talent and skill. If you have both, there is nothing that can stop you from being hired. Being a job hopper, you have to explain yourself about the transitions. However, if your skills and previous work is outstanding, it will just be a formality question. You need to have clarity on your goals and explain the same to the interviewer. It does get tough for you to make an impression with a resume with so many roles in so many organisation. But, how honest and open you are about them can fade away all the negatives. Being confident and enthusiastic earns you extra points. You need to be able to cover up the negatives in the interview. Be cheerful and positive about your responses. Do not forget to mention all your skills in your resume. You are evaluated based on your abilities. Recruiters want resources who have a firm hold on the concepts of the role. You need to master a few of your skills, whereas, even knowing the basics of the others will do. If you can convince the recruiter that you are completely eligible for the role, it is enough for you to get hired.