Promotion strategy that your peers doesn't want you to know as a team player

4 Secrets To Get Promoted That Your Peers Doesn’t Want You To Know

When you have to scrap plans for buying your new house, just because you didn’t get promoted, it is shattering. But “the show must go on.” You may have faced this very recently, but others face this too. Take it in your stride and collect the lessons.

The promotion strategy that your peers doesn’t want you to know as a Team Player

This failure might be that brick which would help you to build the pillars of success.

The Other Side Of The Coin

When you begin your professional life, you are a blank page and classroom theories often guide you to write the initial pages. You follow ethics, rules, and regulations. However, when you are into this system for a long time, it limits your ideas and you may not be able to think outside of the box. Someone else may surprisingly get the promotion that was supposed to come to you. It’s time to pause for a short while and review things from the past.

What Did You Miss To Crack The Promotion?

Simple equations like hard work equal to promotion, may not always work. There are several unpronounced factors which have a say in your scope of promotion. So let’s face it one by one. Here are some of the reasons which may prevent your promotion.


It’s definitely important to work hard. But it is even more important to get your hard-work acknowledged, or at least get noticed. Speak to your peers and seniors when you are talking casually about your achievements, however small. This builds up your image and creates a brand.

Open to communication:

Being an introvert is fine but you must try not to be closed. If people are afraid or hesitate to talk to you then you may be perceived as a bad team member, not a team player. Presently, being a team player is one of the most sought-after qualities in an employee. So try to be communicative.


This is an extension of being communicative. You must wear a friendly aura that would make people approach you for help, suggestion, and assistance. This significantly increases your scope of being a valued member. This also may increase your chances of promotion.

Be a distinguishable team member:

There is a very thin but prominent line which differentiates ‘standing out’ and being a ‘distinguishable team member’. You are always a part of a team. You must bear qualities that leverage your value more than your team members. Helps the Human Resource professionals visualize your leadership qualities.

You may have fallen short of reflecting these qualities. This could be the reason why you didn’t get the promotion but he got. However, now you know what needs to be done. So make sure you crack the ice this appraisal.

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