How to prepare for Summer Internship 2019

What is an Internship? It is the position of a student or a trainee who works for an organisation to gain work experience or to explore a path of career. What is a summer internship? It is the same as any other internship but is called summer as it begins in the summer season and terminates by the end of it. It is usually eight to twelve weeks long. There are various types of internships you can choose from to suit your schedule and skill. What are the benefits of a job that winds up so fast? Here are the advantages of internships that will make sure you do not miss one!

Productive use of time:
All colleges give semester break for a minimum of 4 weeks, and freshers who are waiting for that one right job can also apply for internships. They are usually for a short duration, starting from 4 weeks going up to 12 weeks. If you are a student or passed out graduate, it is convenient for you to take up internships, as it is the most effective way to make use of time. There are many virtual internships as well. These internships are the ones in which you can work for the organisation from home. This makes it all the more time effective and has created more opportunities for you to work from anywhere in your favourable timing. It also means that people who cannot go to places to work can stay at home and earn by putting their skill to use. A person can work for a company in Gurgaon sitting in Bengaluru. This is as incredible as it sounds.

Apply theoretical knowledge to practical application:
University teaches us subjects that help us fill our answer booklets in examinations. However, now, all those all-nighters you pulled off remembering formulae, solving tons of problems and equations need to be put to practical use. Everything you learnt in your graduation should now be applied to real-world scenarios. Internships help you understand and apply conceptual knowledge to real-world entities. It gives you a hands-on experience of the learning you have. It also helps you understand its implementation. You will now know the reason behind every variable in that equation you worked so hard to remember.

Amplifies your knowledge:
There is always a chance to learn more, and an internship is the best way to do it. The understanding you already have can be enhanced and nurtured to master it. Internships always make way for improvement and enhancement of skills and talent. Doing an internship is also the most elegant way of learning about things that you have the least knowledge. There is scope for both studies and to enhance it.

Provides experience:
With practical application comes knowledge and experience. Internships not only intensify your skills but also give you a background on how things work in an organisation. For all the freshers, this will be a work experience before you find your ideal job. Students will acquire prior knowledge on the etiquette of a workplace during the internship. You will gain practical experience in your area of interest. Further, the experience you gained during the internship will add to your skills in your career. These experiences might be either good or bad, but you will surely learn from each one of them.

Let’s you explore:
You would have chosen an internship because of your interest, for a resume or just for the sake of doing one. However, this one internship can get you to so many new places and experiences. Internships give you an opportunity to explore the various possibilities that are present in the world. There are so many new things you can learn during your short stint at the organisation. With so many people around you and so many things happening, it teaches you much stuff in a brief period. Internships open doors to so many new possibilities and outcomes from which you can choose yours. Even virtual internships offer various inputs from which you can pick the one right for you.

Builds Confidence:
Not everyone has the confidence to portray his or her talent in public; internships help you develop this confidence. As an intern, you are expected to learn from every mistake and make progress steadily. This process helps in building your trust in the subject of your interest. An internship is a process of learning and discovering new possibilities. Hence it increases your confidence in the procedure. With all that work experience and knowledge that you have gained during the course of this internship, it boosts your confidence. If you are under confident to work in an office, you can always look for work from home internships to find your feet on that skill.

Refines skills:
An internship is a place to master any skill you possess and acquire new skills. It is a place to exhibit your potential, learn and make errors while you have the support of a mentor. You can learn from your colleagues and other interns to improve your skills. As there are so many people and opportunities to learn from, it is easier to elevate the quality of your work. Internships always demand more from you, which therefore acts in your favour, because you strive hard to give your best in a brief period, thus, enhancing your efficiency. Internships challenge you every day to bring out the best in you.

Financial Compensation:
With all these benefits listed above, internships also provide a stipend/performance-based incentives, which will act as financial compensation for your expenses. While they give you a learning experience, they also pay you for working for their organisation. So, you can earn while you learn and do not have to depend on anyone for money. Internships make you independent and make sure you bear your expenses. Students who opt for internships can forget asking your parents for pocket money because you are working hard and earning your own. If you choose for a virtual internship, it is all the more comfortable as you can sit at home and make money by just spending a few hours on the job.

Career paths:
The subject of interest that you have during your graduation might lead you to do the same in your internship, but in the course of your internship you will find out so many new career paths to choose from, which might interest you more than the initial one. Internships not only give you an opportunity to pursue your passion but also give you a clear perspective of how to go about your career. They show you various paths from which you can pick yours and build it to perfection. Besides, internships prove to you, your strengths, and weaknesses and give you clarity on your profession.

Makes your resume stand out:
There is a no more significant advantage than adding an internship to your resume. It is one thing that makes your resume stand out from the others. Eventually, when you apply for jobs, an internship section in your resume adds much value to it. Recruiters will look closely into your role, organisation name and your nature of the job. Internships once listed in your resume will fetch you job interviews easily. They give you the work experience and the knowledge, which cannot be achieved elsewhere. Internships provide practical knowledge about things, which is why there is a higher rate of you being placed faster. Internships also refine your skills, which add a plus in your new job. You will have the skills, knowledge, and experience to move more quickly in your career.

Get contacts:
The time in your internship is the most crucial, as it is only for a short duration. You need to learn, experience, and make contacts in just a few weeks. People around you during your internship have so much to teach you and have so much to learn from you as well. This process cannot stop in just a few weeks; hence, you need to make contacts. Meet new people and talk to them about careers. Make friends with your friends of a friend to broaden your circle. People you meet during your internship are the ones that teach you your first professional lessons. You need to keep in touch with them because only they know how you started and can guide you through the process.

Internships are full of firsts, first meeting, first presentation, and the first article, so, try, and make the most of it. Being an intern gives you the most memorable moments, and kick-starts your career in the right direction. Make sure you choose the right one and make the most your of your break learning something new and exciting that adds value to your profession in the future. An internship is a critical element in your career, do not leave it out.

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